Birthday Reviews: April Index

Birthday Reviews: April Index

Cover by Richard Powers
Cover by Richard Powers

by Johnathan Sung
by Johnathan Sung

Cover by Douglas Chaffee
Cover by Douglas Chaffee

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April 1, Samuel R. Delany: “High Weir
April 2, Joan D. Vinge: “Eyes of Amber
April 3, Colin Kapp: “Ambaddasor to Verdammt
April 4, Stanley G. Weinbaum: “The Worlds of If
April 5, Robert Bloch: “The Fane of the Black Pharoah
April 6, Sonya Dorman: “When I Was Miss Dow

April 7, Henry Kuttner: “Ghost
April 8, Nnedi Okorafor: “Bikasi Man
April 9, Barrington J. Bayley: “The Way Into the Wendy House
April 10, David Langford: “Waiting for the Iron Age
April 11, James Patrick Kelly: “Rat
April 12, Emil Petaja: “Found Objects
April 13, Bill Pronzini: “Cat
April 14, Rachel Swirsky: “The Monster’s Million Faces
April 15, Jim C. Hines: “Spell of the Sparrow
April 16, Kingsley Amis: “Mason’s Life
April 17, Lloyd Biggle, Jr.: “Gypped
April 18, Keith R.A. DeCandido: “A Vampire and a Vamprie Hunter Walk into a Bar
April 19, Adrian Rogoz: “The Altar of the Random Gods
April 19, Steven H Silver: “Doing Business at Hodputt’s Emporium” (Guest review by Rich Horton)
April 20, Peter S. Beagle: “King Pelles the Sure
April 21, Fiona Kelleghan: “Secret in the Chest
April 22, Damien Broderick: “Under the Moons of Venus
April 23, Avram Davidson: “Author, Author
April 24, Don D’Ammassa: “The Library of Lost Art
April 25, Fletcher Pratt: “Hormones
April 26, A.E. van Vogt: “War of Nerves
April 27, Frank Belknap Long: “Willie
April 28, William Sanders: “When This World Is All on Fire
April 29, Jack Williamson: “The Cold Green Eye
April 30, Larry Niven: “Convergent Series” (a.k.a. “The Long Night”)

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I love your series! Your posts bring back a lot of memories about these great writers! Love the cover artwork, too!

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