Birthday Reviews: March Index

Birthday Reviews: March Index

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At the one quarter mark in our journey through the year, here’s a look back at the birthday reviews that appeared at Black Gate in March.

March 1, Wyman Guin: “Trigger Tide
March 2, Ann Leckie: “The Unknown God
March 3, Arthur Machen: “The Coming of the Terror
March 4, Patricia Kennealy-Morrison: “The Last Voyage
March 5, Mike Resnick: “The Evening Line
March 6, William F. Nolan: “Starblood
March 7, Paul Preuss: “Rhea’s Time
March 8, No Birthday Review published.
March 9, Pat Murphy: “On a Hot Summer Night in a Place Far Away
March 10, Theodore Cogswell: “The Wall Around the World
March 11, F.M. Busby: “Tundra Moss
March 12, Harry Harrison: “The Mothballed Spaceship

March 13, Alastair Reynolds: “A Spy in Europa
March 14, Tad Williams: “Go Ask Elric
March 15, Rosel George Brown: “David’s World
March 16, P.C. Hodgell: “Knot and the Dragon
March 17, James Morrow: “The Fate of Nations
March 18, Marcos Donnelly: “As a Still Small Voice
March 19, John Gribbin: “Something to Beef About
March 20, Pamela Sargent: “The Broken Hoop
March 21, Terry Dowling: “The Last Elephant
March 22, Raymond E. Gallun: “Magician of Dream Valley
March 23, Kim Stanley Robinson: “The Part of Us That Loves
March 24, Edward Page Mitchell: “The Clock That Went Backward
March 25, Paul Levinson: “The Protected
March 26, G. Harry Stine: “The Easy Way Out
March 27, Patricia C. Wrede: “Rakiki and theWizard
March 28, A. Bertram Chandler: “Planet of Ill Repute
March 29, Elizabeth Hand: “Calypso in Berlin
March 30, Chad Oliver: “Transformer
March 31, Alaya Dawn Johnson: “Far and Deep

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