Birthday Reviews: January Index

Birthday Reviews: January Index

Cover by Ho Che Anderson Cover by Howard V. Brown

One twelfth of the way through the year, here’s a listing of the birthday reviews that appeared at Black Gate in January.

January 1, E.M. Forster: “The Machine Stops
January 2, Isaac Asimov: “Buy Jupiter
January 3, Patricia Anthony: “Lunch with Daddy
January 4, Ramsey Campbell: “No End of Fun
January 5, Tananarive Due: “Suffer the Little Children
January 6, Eric Frank Russell: “A Great Deal of Power
January 7, Hayford Peirce: “Mail Supremacy
January 8, Jack Womack: “Audience

January 9, Algis Budrys: “Silent Brother
January 10, George Alec Effinger: “Albert Schweitzer and the Treasures of Atlantis
January 11, Jerome Bixby: “The Holes Around Mars
January 12, Jack London: “A Thousand Deaths
January 13, Clark Ashton Smith: “The Maze of Maal Dweb
January 14, Arthur Byron Cover: “A Murder
January 15, Robert Silverberg: “When We Sent to See the End of the World
January 16, Nat Schachner: “Ancestral Voices
January 17, John Bellairs: “The Pedant and the Shuffly
January 18, Pamela Dean: “Paint the Meadows with Delight
January 19, Allen Steele: “Day of the Bookworm
January 20, Kij Johnson: “The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park After the Change
January 21, Judith Merril: “Barrier of Dread
January 22, Katherine MacLean: “The Snowball Effect
January 23, Walter M. Miller, Jr.: “Cruxifixus Etiam
January 24, C.L. Moore: “Lost Paradise
January 25, Greg van Eekhout: “Native Aliens
January 26, Philip José Farmer: “The Rise Gotten
January 27, K.D. Wentworth: “Her Fair and Unpolluted Flesh
January 28, Parke Godwin: “The Night You Could Hear Forever
January 29, Monte Cook: “Born in Secrets
January 30, Gregory Benford: “Down the River Road
January 31, Gene DeWeese: “The Man in Cell 91

Cover by Keith Parkinson Time Twisters
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Rich Horton

I especially like the pictures of the original venues …

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