The April Fantasy Magazine Rack

The April Fantasy Magazine Rack

Adventure-Tales-7-rack Apex Magazine 70 March 2015-rack Asimov's Science Fiction April May 2015-rack Beneath Ceaseless Skies 170-rack
Black Static 45-rack Clarkesworld Issue 102-rack The Dark Issue 7-rack Fantasy Scroll Magazine 5-small
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Marh April 2015-rack Futures Past Issue 1-rack Gygax Magazine 5-small heroic-fantasy-quarterly-rack
Interzone 257-small Lightspeed Magazine March 2013-rack New Realm magazine March 2015-rack Nightmare Magazine March 2015-rack
Shimmer 24-rack Swords and Sorcery Magazine March 2015-rack Uncanny Issue 3-rack Weird Fiction Review 5-rack

The April magazine rack is crammed with the 20 most recent issues of the top English-language fantasy magazines on the planet. (And I didn’t even have room for the second issue of James Maliszewski’s The Excellent Travelling Volume — you can find it here.) Click on any of the images above to see our detailed report on each issue.

As we’ve mentioned before, all of these magazines are completely dependent on fans and readers to keep them alive. Many are marginal operations for whom a handful of subscriptions may mean the difference between life and death. Why not check one or two out, and try a sample issue? There are magazines on the rack for every budget, from completely free to $35/issue. If you find something intriguing, why not try an issue next time you find yourself browsing the magazine rack…. or take a chance on a subscription? I think you’ll find it’s money very well spent.

Check out our complete magazine coverage here.

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Scott Taylor

Love this format! Well done, and it totally lets the user see what is out there in April.


Excellent feature, John. What a great reference for those of us who don’t have the patience to hunt for everything. I love this site! Keep up the great work, and let us know what we can do to keep you motivated 🙂


What Scott said.

Plus, and despite the constant turnover in the short story markets, it does appear that fantastic fictions are alive and well.

[…] on out there in the world of magazines and short fiction (see John O’Neill’s recent posts). So much so that I’m a little behind this month trying to catch up. I haven’t gotten […]

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