Beautiful Galactic Women, Hive Dwellings, and Robot Goons: Rich Horton on Our Man in Space/Ultimatum in 2050 A.D.

Beautiful Galactic Women, Hive Dwellings, and Robot Goons: Rich Horton on Our Man in Space/Ultimatum in 2050 A.D.

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Rich Horton continues his exploration of the Ace Double line at his website Strange at Ecbatan. His recently reviewed a pair of largely forgotten novels, Our Man in Space by Bruce Ronald, and Ultimatum in 2050 A.D. by Jack Sharkey, originally published in 1965 as Ace Double #M-117. In his opening comments, Rich highlights one of the more appealing aspects of later Ace Doubles — they remain inexpensive and easy to find.

Most of the previous Ace Double reviews I’ve done feature books I’ve chosen because I had at least some interest in one of the writers. This one was a lot more random — basically, it was inexpensive and it was available at a dealer’s table at a recent convention… I had never heard of Bruce Ronald, and while I know Jack Sharkey’s name well, from any number of stories in early 60s magazines, he’s never been a particular favorite of mine… Sharkey wrote four short novels, three of them (including Ultimatum in 2050 A. D.) serialized in Cele Goldsmith’s magazines, Amazing/Fantastic.

Our Man in Space is a very minor work of SF, but for much of its length it’s amusing enough… It’s about an actor, Bill Brown, who is hired as a spy for Earth, because of his acting skill and his resemblance to an Earth diplomat, Harry Gordon, who has been killed. Brown’s job is to impersonate Gordon, and to travel to Troll, where Harry Gordon has been hired by the officials of Troll to find out when overpopulation pressures will cause Earth to explode…

On Troll he manages to complete his assignment, and also to make time with the beautiful Galactic, who eventually dumps him …  more treachery is in store, from multiple planets, and it’s up to Bill Brown to implausibly save the day again… for a while it’s pretty good fun, though it does wear out its welcome rather. (There are a few seeming nods to Heinlein — the basic plot bears some points of resemblance with Double Star…)

Ultimatum in 2050 A. D. is set in the title year in “the Hive”, a sort of arcology, a huge building in which 10,000,000 people live. Life is apparently good there, except for the strict rules about “readjustment,” whereby one can be sent to the hospital for such things as voting the wrong way, not voting at all, or minor injuries. Lloyd Bodger is a normal young man, engaged to Grace Horton (nice name that!), occasionally in trouble for missing a vote or two … despite being the son of the Secondary Speakster, the number two man of the Hive. One night he almost misses a vote, until a girl gives him her place in line. Shortly later it becomes clear that the girl is wanted for treason … and against his better instincts, Lloyd decides to help her. Before long he finds himself embroiled in a resistance movement against the rulers of the Hive …

There is some treachery, some narrow escapes, and some loopy but almost fun ideas like the “Goons,” robots that enforce the Hive’s rules, and “Ultrablack,” a scientifically implausible induced absolute darkness. There’s a bit of sexual tension — Andra seems a real potential rival for Grace, who loves Lloyd but who Lloyd seems unsatisfied with.

Amazing Stories June 1963-smallRead Rich’s complete review here, and check out all of his Retro Reviews for Black Gate here.

Our Man in Space/Ultimatum in 2050 A.D. was published by Ace Books in 1965. It is 131 + 120 pages, priced at 45 cents. The covers are by Ed Valigursky and John Schoenherr, respectively.

Our Man in Space has never been reprinted. As Rich notes, it’s Bruce W. Ronald’s only novel. ISFDB notes that he wrote only one other piece of SF, the short story “It Takes All Kinds” from the April 1967 issue of Frederik Pohl’s IF magazine.

Ultimatum in 2050 A.D. was first serialized in the June and July 1963 issues of Amazing Stories, under the title The Programmed People. It’s been reprinted once, as Armchair Fiction Double Novel #2, paired with William Carter Sawtelle’s Slaves of the Crystal Brain, in December 2010.

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