Birthday Reviews: November Index

Birthday Reviews: November Index

Cover by Michael Whelan
Cover by Michael Whelan

Cover by Frank R. Paul
Cover by Frank R. Paul

Cover by Jack Gaughan
Cover by Jack Gaughan

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November 1, Zenna Henderson: “Troubling of the Water
November 2, Lois McMaster Bujold: “The Hole Truth
November 3, Neal Barrett, Jr.: “A Day at the Fair
November 4, Kara Dalkey: “Bouncing Babies
November 5, Janet Pack: “A Coin for Charon
November 6, Catherine Asaro: “Echoes of Pride

November 7, R.A. Lafferty: “Sodom and Gomorrah, Texas
November 8, Ben Bova: “The Café Coup
November 9, Alfred Coppel: “Mars Is Ours
November 10, Neil Gaiman: “Snow, Glass, Apples
November 11, Mack Reynolds: “Doctor’s Orders
November 12, Michael Bishop: “Patriots
November 13, Stephen Baxter: “The Twelfth Album
November 14, Daniel Abraham: “Pagliacci’s Divorce
November 15, Catherine Wells: “The Sea-Maid
November 16, Lavie Tidhar: “The Memcordist
November 17, Raymond F. Jones: “Death Eternal
November 18, Lyda Morehouse: “God Box
November 19, Alex Shvartsman: “Staff Meeting, as Seen by the Spam Filter
November 20, Molly Gloss: “Interlocking Pieces
November 21, Lisa Goldstein: “Death Is Different
November 22, Marly Youmans: “The Smaragdine Knot
November 23, Wilson “Bob” Tucker: “My Brother’s Wife
November 24, Spider Robinson: “The Centipede’s Dilemma
November 25, Poul Anderson: “The Valor of Cappen Varra
November 26, Frederik Pohl: “Bialystok Stronghead and the Mermen
November 27, L. Sprague de Camp: “The Figurine
November 28, David Zindell: “Caverns
November 29, John Helfers: “The Final Battle
November 30, Shane Tourtellotte: “A New Man

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