Birthday Reviews: October Index

Birthday Reviews: October Index

Cover by David A. Hardy
Cover by David A. Hardy

Cover by Hannes Bok
Cover by Hannes Bok

Cover by John Schoenherr
Cover by John Schoenherr

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October 1, Donald A. Wollheim: “Blueprint
October 2, Edward Wellen: “Barbarossa
October 3, Ray Nelson: “Time Travel for Pedestrians
October 4, Gary Couzens: “Half-Life
October 5, Zoran Živković: “The Whisper
October 6, David Brin: “Just a Hint

October 7, Steven Erickson: “Goats of Glory
October 8, Frank Herbert: “ By the Book
October 9, Robert Reed: “Night of Time
October 10, Robert J. Howe: “The Little American Man: A True Pelvic Story
October 11, William R. Forstchen: “The Truthsayer
October 12, Sandra McDonald: “Fir Na Tine
October 13, Stephen Gallagher: “God’s Bright Little Engine
October 14, Robin D. Law: “Brainspace
October 15, James H. Schmitz: “The Vampirate
October 15, Walter Jon Williams: “The Fate Line
October 16, Lawrence Schimel: “Taking Action
October 17, Bruce McAllister: “World of the Wars
October 18, Katherine Kurtz: “Venture in Vain
October 19, Peter H. Cannon: “Cats, Rats, and Bertie Wooster
October 20, Diana Rowland: “Fine Print
October 21, Ursula K. Le Guin: “The Rule of Names
October 22, Suzy McKee Charnas: “Beauty and the Opéra, or the Phantom Beast
October 23, Allan Weiss: “Heaven and Earth
October 24, Jack Skillingstead: “Thank You, Mr. Whiskers
October 25, John Gregory Betancourt: “The Weird of Massal Dey
October 26, Jennifer Roberson: “Mad Jack
October 27, Brad Strickland: “Hero’s Coin
October 28, Amy Thomson: “Buddha Nature
October 29, Fredric Brown: “It Didn’t Happen
October 30, Douglas E. Winter: “Splatter: A Cautionary Tale
October 31, Neal Stephenson: “Excerpt from the Third and Last Volume of Tribes of the Pacific Coast
October Bonus Review, Ted Chiang: “The Evolution of Human Science

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