Birthday Reviews: June Index

Birthday Reviews: June Index

Cover by Tony Roberts
Cover by Tony Roberts

Black Gate Issue 1
Black Gate Issue 1

Cover by John Picacio
Cover by John Picacio

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June 1, James P. Killus: “Flower of the Void
June 2, Lester del Rey: “Fade Out
June 3, Tony Richards: “Discards
June 4, Nictzin Dyalhis: “Heart of Atlantan
June 5, Margo Lanagan: “The Proving of Smollett Standforth
June 6, Jay Lake: “The Water Castle

June 7, Kit Reed: “The Shop of Little Horrors
June 8, Kate Wilhelm: “State of Grace
June 9, Joe Haldeman: “Blood Brothers
June 10, Kage Baker: “Calimari Curls
June 11, Basil Wells: “The Laws of Juss
June 12, Mary A. Turzillo: “Thumbkin, Caesar, Princess, and Troll
June 13, Yves Meynard: “Tobacco Words
June 14, Harry Turtledove: “Half the Battle
June 15, Richard Park: “Golden Bell, Seven, and the Marquis of Zeng
June 16, Murray Leinster: “Pipeline to Pluto
June 17, Andrew Weiner: “Bootlegger
June 18, Vivian Vande Velde: “The Granddaughter
June 19, Robert Moore Williams: “Quest on Io
June 20, Lloyd Arthur Eshbach: “The Valley of Titans
June 21, Cleve Cartmill: “Huge Beast
June 22, Octavia E. Butler: “The Book of Martha
June 23, Eileen Gunn: “Thought Experiment
June 24, Mercedes Lackey: “A Different Kind of Courage
June 25, Charles Sheffield: “Marconi, Mattin, Maxwell
June 26, James van Pelt: “The inn at Mount Either
June 27, Mary Rosenblum: “Night Wind
June 28, Robert Lynn Asprin: “No Glad in Gladiator
June 29, Jeff Duntemann: “Guardian
June 30, Adam Roberts: “Pest Control

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