Birthday Reviews: August Index

Birthday Reviews: August Index

Cover by Todd Lockwood
Cover by Todd Lockwood

Fields of Fantasies
Fields of Fantasies

Cover by Edward Miller
Cover by Edward Miller

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August 1, Raymond A. Palmer: “Diagnosis
August 2, Robert Holdstock: “Magic Man
August 3, Clifford D. Simak: “Observer
August 4, Rick Norwood: “Portal
August 5, Elisabeth Vonarburg: “Cogito
August 6, Ian R. MacLeod: “Starship Day

August 7, David R. Bunch: “The From-Far-Up-There-Missile Worry
August 8, F. Anstey: “The Adventure of the Snowing Globe
August 9, John Varley: “Just Another Perfect Day
August 10, Ward Moore: “Rebel
August 11, Alan E. Nourse: “The Gift of Numbers
August 12, Brenda Cooper: “Second Shift
August 13, Mary C. Pangborn: “The Confession of Hamo
August 14, Pat York: “Great Leaving
August 15, Louise Marley: “Diamond Girls
August 16, Andrew J. Offutt: “Gone with the Gods
August 17, Rachel Pollack: “Burning Beard: The Dreams and Visions of Joseph Ben Jacob, Lord Viceroy of Egypt
August 18, Brian W. Aldiss: “Tarzan of the Alps
August 19, D.G. Compton: “In Which Avu Giddy Tries to Stop Dancing
August 20, Greg Bear: “Schrödinger’s Plague
August 21, Miriam Allen deFord: “Press Conference
August 22, Ray Bradbury: “Downwind from Gettysburg
August 23, Benjamin Rosenbaum: “Nine Alternate Alternate Histories
August 24, James Tiptree, Jr.: “Please Don’t Play with the Time Machine
August 25, Chris Roberson: “Death on the Crosstime Express
August 26, Nick Pollotta: “The Collar
August 27, Edward Bryant: “Saurus Wrecks
August 28, Jack Vance: “Liane the Wayfarer
August 29, Nancy Holder: “Prayer of the Knight of the Sword
August 30, Judith Moffett: “Chickasaw Slave
August 31, Steve Perry: “A Few Minutes in the Plantation Bar and Grill Outside Woodville, Mississippi

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