Series Fantasy: The Books of the Raksura by Martha Wells

Series Fantasy: The Books of the Raksura by Martha Wells

The Cloud Roads-small The Serpent Sea-small The Siren Depths-small The Edge Of Worlds-small

I’m cheating a bit with these books, since technically they’re not all part of the same series. Also, the newest volume, The Edge of Worlds, won’t officially be released until April 5th — but Amazon and B& both have copies in stock today, so let’s go with it.

Martha Wells’ tales of Gilead and Ilias were some of the most popular stories we ever published in Black Gate, and her Books of the Raksura trilogy captivated readers around the world. Her latest novel, The Edge of Worlds, expands her world of the Raksura with the start of a brand new series. That brings the total books set in the Three Worlds to four:

The Cloud Roads (300 pages, $14.99/$9.99 digital, March 1, 2011, cover by Matthew Stewart) — excerpt
The Serpent Sea (320 pages, $14.99/$9.99 digital, January 25, 2012, cover by Steve Argyle) — excerpt
The Siren Depths (320 pages, $14.99/$9.99 digital, December 4, 2012, cover by Steve Argyle) — excerpt
The Edge of Worlds (388 pages, $24.99/$13.99 digital, November 10 2015, cover by Yukari Masuike) — excerpt

All four are published by Night Shade Books. Links will take you to our previous coverage.

Here’s the description for The Edge of Worlds.

[Click on the covers for bigger images]

An expedition of groundlings from the Empire of Kish have traveled through the Three Worlds to the Indigo Cloud court of the Raksura, shape-shifting creatures of flight that live in large family groups. The groundlings have found a sealed ancient city at the edge of the shallow seas, near the deeps of the impassable Ocean. They believe it to be the last home of their ancestors and ask for help getting inside. But the Raksura fear it was built by their own distant ancestors, the Forerunners, and the last sealed Forerunner city they encountered was a prison for an unstoppable evil.

Prior to the groundlings’ arrival, the Indigo Cloud court had been plagued by visions of a disaster that could destroy all the courts in the Reaches. Now, the court’s mentors believe the ancient city is connected to the foretold danger. A small group of warriors, including consort Moon, an orphan new to the colony and the Raksura’s idea of family, and sister queen Jade, agree to go with the groundling expedition to investigate. But the predatory Fell have found the city too, and in the race to keep the danger contained, the Raksura may be the ones who inadvertently release it.

The Edge of Worlds, from celebrated fantasy author Martha Wells, returns to the fascinating world of The Cloud Roads for the first book in a new series of strange lands, uncanny beings, dead cities, and ancient danger.

Stories of the Raksura-smallRead Martha’s complete Nebula-Award nominated novel The Death of the Necromancer right here at Black Gate, and her article on the Raksura series, How Well Does The Cloud Roads Fit as Sword and Sorcery? Our previous coverage of Martha includes:

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