Black Gate at World Fantasy Convention 2010

Black Gate at World Fantasy Convention 2010

Well, I’ve finally returned to the Black Gate rooftop headquarters here in St. Charles, Illinois, after a weary week of travel. We had the largest team gathering in the magazine’s history at the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio last weekend — including several Contributing Editors, half a dozen bloggers, and over two dozen writers and contributors. I started the magazine ten years ago and have been attending conventions for decades, and there were several long-term staff members I met for the first time, including the distinguished Ryan Harvey and John R. Fultz.

Team Black Gate
Team Black Gate: editor John ONeill, contributing editor Bill Ward, author and blogger James Enge, Jason Waltz (Rogue Blades), managing editor Howard Andrew Jones, author and blogger John R. Fultz, and author and blogger Ryan Harvey.

All of us were invited to take part in a podcast on Sword & Sorcery organized by the charming Jaym Gates — stay tuned for the broadcast location and date.  Our Saturday night reading was a rollicking success, as nearly two dozen Black Gate authors read from work sold to the magazine over the past ten years, including James Enge, Frederic Durbin, E.E. Knight, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, L.E. Modesitt Jr, Darrell Schweitzer, Donald S. Crankshaw, Howard Andrew Jones, Martha Wells, Ryan Harvey, Robert J. Howe, John R. Fultz, Myke Cole, Renee Stern, Steven Silver, Michael Shea, S. Hutson Blount, Janet Stirling, F. Brett Cox, and Frederick Tor.

I also got the chance to meet with other contributors including Mike Resnick, Jeffrey Ford, David B. Coe, Ellen Klages (and her charming sister), and Charles Coleman Finlay.  It was a delight to finally meet artist Jim Pavelec in the Dealer’s room, as well as fellow editors Adrian Simmons (Heroic Fantasy Quarterly) and Mike Allen (Mythic Delirium), and make several new friends, including long-term reader Matthew Wuertz. I made the trip with Jason Waltz, publisher of Rogue Blades Entertainment, who shared our table and turned out to be a stalwart traveling companion.

Due to the sheer size of the convention there were also BG writers wandering the halls I somehow managed to miss completely, including Jeremiah Tolbert and Rick Bowes. Ah well, maybe next year. There’s a reason it’s called the World Fantasy Convention. No matter how much you try, life is too short to see it all.

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C.S.E. Cooney

Ah, the B’ys! Yes, want to hear more details about the Great Reading. And whatever awesome dinners you had. And all the wheelin’ and dealin’ and squealin’. It’s all very exciting. Thanks for posting!

John R. Fultz

I know what you mean, John! I was only there two of the four days and I just didn’t get to speak with everybody I was planning to hang out with. And I was jetlagged the whole time! That goes to show you can’t travel like a 21-year-old when you’re a 41-year-old. 🙂 WFC is as much about the after-con parties as the con itself, and I was too pooped to party! Agh! Oh, well, next year at San Diego I’ll be back to all-four-days. Lookout, world…

Mike Allen

It was awesome meeting all you fine fellows at last!

Ah, John, the smokey casinos, and dancers in go-go boots were at the Illinois border on return ride. 🙂

The ride, the read, the room – all was awesome John! While the rest of us may fill each of them, none of them are possible without you. You’re a good man, John O’Neill.

I’ve never been called ‘a stalwart traveling companion’ before either. Thanks!

Donald Crankshaw

It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed meeting the Black Gate crew, and I’m glad I was able to do my first Con reading with all of you.

Matthew Wuertz

They were good times, all around! You’ve got a great crew. Thanks again for letting me be part of the entourage. I got to meet a lot of people through your introductions. The reading was a great idea. I loved hearing tales firsthand (especially ones slated for future issues – they were like movie previews). I’m looking forward to future conventions.

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