The 2014 Hugo Award Winners

The 2014 Hugo Award Winners

Ancillary Justice Ann Leckie-smallThe 2013 Hugos were awarded at LonCon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention in London, England.

There’s a lengthy list of winners, so let’s get to it. The complete list follows.

Best Novel

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie (Orbit)

Best Novella

“Equoid” by Charles Stross (, 09-2013)

Best Novelette

“The Lady Astronaut of Mars” by Mary Robinette Kowal (, 09-2013)

Best Short Story

“The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere” by John Chu (, 02-2013)

Best Related Work

“We Have Always Fought: Challenging the Women, Cattle and Slaves Narrative” by Kameron Hurley (A Dribble of Ink)

Equoid Charles Stross-smallBest Graphic Story

“Time” by Randall Munroe (xkcd)

Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)


Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form)

Game of Thrones: “The Rains of Castamere” written by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss

Best Editor – Short Form

Ellen Datlow

Best Editor – Long Form

Ginjer Buchanan

Best Professional Artist

Julie Dillon

Lightspeed Issue 36-smallBest Semiprozine

Lightspeed Magazine edited by John Joseph Adams, Rich Horton, and Stefan Rudnicki

Best Fanzine

A Dribble of Ink edited by Aidan Moher

Best Fancast

SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester

Best Fan Writer

Kameron Hurley

Best Fan Artist

Sarah Webb

Congratulations to all the winners, and especially to, for a sweep of the short fiction awards this year. I’m not sure I can recall the last time that happened (if, indeed, it ever has before).

Technically, I understand Mary Robinette Kowal’s “The Lady Astronaut of Mars” was originally published as part of RIP-OFF, the audiobook anthology from, in 2012, and then self-published on her website at, but the LonCon page lists it as a piece, so that’s how I have it here.

A Dribble of Ink-smallSpecial congratulations to Aidan Moher’s A Dribble of Ink, for winning both the Best Fanzine Hugo and for publishing the Best Related Work, for Kameron Hurley’s article “We Have Always Fought: Challenging the Women, Cattle and Slaves Narrative.”

And congratulations to Ann Leckie, who has now won the Nebula and Hugo award for her first novel, Ancillary Justice.

Finally, congratulations to our own Rich Horton, who in addition to being a Black Gate blogger is also the reprint editor at Lightspeed, on his bright and shiny new Hugo award. Bring it into the office so we can polish it for you, Rich!

See the complete list of nominees here and read up on last year’s winners here.

For complete voting details, see the LonCon 3 website.

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