Nathan Shumate Looks at Lousy Book Covers

Nathan Shumate Looks at Lousy Book Covers

Goat SuckingIt’s a lot easier to publish a book than it used to be.

So easy in fact that people are doing it themselves. They’re doing away with traditional print and distribution, all the hassle of finding an agent, publishing contracts, and 20th Century promotional models entirely.

Unfortunately, in the process many of them are also getting rid of things they probably shouldn’t. Things like book design, and cover art. And marketing.

Or even proof-reading. I mean, who needs that, right?

Sadly, the result is that some good books are getting buried under terrible cover art, or painfully sub-standard art design. Nathan Shumate has made it his mission to showcase daily examples at his blog, Lousy Book Covers. Today’s poster child, Dixon Heurass’s Goat Suckin’, is sub-titled “Hotter Than It Sounds” (as Nathan dryly observes, “It would have to be, wouldn’t it?”)

Check out the many additional examples at Nathan’s blog to see just how many different ways there are to screw up cover art, or totally obscure passable art with poor title placement and font color.

We last discussed Nathan Shumate on the publication of his delightful experiment in communal self-publishing, Space Eldritch (which has a thoroughly excellent cover, incidentally).

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In that cover’s defense, that is one photogenic goat. Looks like he’s got a wry, devil-may-care smirk. That is the Johnny Depp of goats, my friend, which explains why he’s next to the beautiful woman in the bikini.

Allen Snyder

Wait a second, that’s assuredly a pen name. Though to be fair, if my last name were “Heurass”, I would indeed be tempted–though would not succumb–to naming one of my children “Dixon”.

I almost cross-posted Shumate’s website on Facebook…then couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just can’t be responsible for the flaming eyesockets that will certainly follow.


Love the link!
Yeah, self-publishing or no, cheaper than ever or no, the monopoly of distribution not as all-reaching as before, or no… The lesson here is if you are actually publishing your own book, and can’t do art, well look up Deviant Art and pay someone halfway able to. Consumer end 3d software + paint image filters… Talk to an SCA friend, photo some poses, do basic PS lite stuff…

Think of the poor bloggers who get beat up by the “PC Mafia” (look down the page a little) when your art inspires them to make a remark about “Robots fighting Retards”… IMO “Death, Death, DEATH to P.C.!!!”

To be fair, on the “Professional” end there’s horrible stuff made by actual pro studios where they either have a communication breakdown with the artist, or there’s something gathering dust in the archives needing a cover or the publisher is trying to cater to this or that and has no idea what this or that is….

Here’s a blog devoted to this!

Bad professional book covers, mostly fodder from the 70s-90s…

Sarah Avery

But how can you tell the woman in the photo is beautiful WHEN SHE DOESN’T HAVE A HEAD? Or shoulder, even. Or knees.

A good point, but if you were the lady in question, what could possibly induce you to allow your face to appear on the cover of a book with that title?

[…] Nathan Shumate looks at Lousy Book Covers […]

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