The Top 50 Black Gate Posts in September

The Top 50 Black Gate Posts in September

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The top articles at Black Gate in July and August were both features on Conan, and last month Bob Byrne managed to nab the top slot with his look at a strange mash-up of police procedural and sword & sorcery, the Conan tale “The God in the Bowl.” Conan was created by Robert E. Howard in the pages of Weird Tales in 1932; 85 years later, he’s still the most popular character among our readers. That’s durability.

The second most popular article at Back Gate in September wasn’t about Conan, but it did feature a sinister cosmic entity also created in Weird Tales, this time in H.P. Lovecraft 1928 story “The Call of Cthulhu” — our report on the latest Call of Cthulhu solo module, Alone Against the Flames. At #3 was Elizabeth Crowen’s interview with popular cosplay photographer Bruce Heinsius. Fletcher Vredenburgh placed two articles in the Top Ten last month; the first was his review of Roger Zelazny’s 1983 novel Dilvish, the Damned, which placed at #4. Rounding out the Top Five was an article on famous book hoarders, “What do George Lucas, Michael Jackson, and Harry Houdini Have in Common?”

Our summary of the top BG articles in August came in at #6, followed by Ryan Harvey’s fond look back at Tobe Hooper’s best film, the “bizarre nude space vampire epic” Lifeforce. M Harold Page’s opening entry in his 3-part Starfinder review, “OMG! All Your Trope Are Belong To Us,” rocketed all the way to #8. The ninth most popular post last month was Fletcher’s review of Paul S. Kemp S&S novel The Hammer and the Blade. And closing out the Top Ten was our sneak peek at Bean’s new Poul Anderson collection, The Complete Psychotechnic League, Volume 1.

The complete list of Top Articles for September follows. Below that, I’ve also broken out the most popular overall articles, online fiction, and blog categories for the month.

The Top 50 Black Gate posts in September were:

  1. Robert E. Howard Wrote a Police Procedural? With Conan?? Crom!!!
  2. In Alone Against the Flames You Face the Horror of Cthulhu the Way the Universe Intended: By Yourself
  3. The Poison Apple: A Cosplayer’s Best Friend, Interview with Photographer Bruce Heinsius
  4. Dilvish, the Damned by Roger Zelazny
  5. What do George Lucas, Michael Jackson, and Harry Houdini Have in Common? It Combines Reading and Obsession
  6. The Top 50 Black Gate Posts in August
  7. Tobe Hooper Is Dead… Long Live Lifeforce!
  8. Modular: A First Look at Starfinder 1: “OMG! All Your Trope Are Belong To Us”
  9. The Hammer and the Blade by Paul S. Kemp
  10. Future Treasures: The Complete Psychotechnic League, Volume 1 by Poul Anderson


  11. How I Spent My Summer Vacation
  12. Modular: Picking Pathfinder
  13. Modular: The New Mongoose Traveller #3 — Random Adventures, Or How I GM’d With No Prep
  14. Literary Wonder & Adventure Podcast: The Golden Age of Science Fiction, Part II
  15. New Treasures: Sherlock Holmes vs. Cthulhu: The Adventure of the Deadly Dimensions, by Lois H. Gresh
  16. A Jaunt Through Clark Ashton Smith’s Collected Fantasies—Vol. 3: A Vintage from Atlantis
  17. Early Peek at 2000AD Prog #2050: A Jumping-On Issue
  18. Edgar Allan Poe Wrote Fake News
  19. Goth Chick News: Holy Cosplayer Batman! Wizard World Comic Con Lands in Chicago
  20. Space Opera Reminiscent of Star Wars and Firefly: Starflight by Melissa Landers


  21. Goth Chick News: If You Like Your Horror Victorian Style…
  22. Modular: Dungeon Delving Tips – Part II
  23. The Complete Carpenter: Christine (1983)
  24. Kit Reed, June 7, 1932 — September 24, 2017
  25. Goth Chick News: Will IT Do It for You…? Maybe.
  26. September Short Story Roundup
  27. Two Films on Netflix: Enter the Void and Kagemusha
  28. Peplum Populist: Howard Hawks Goes to the Land of the Pharaohs (1955)
  29. Paperbacks From Hell: An Interview with Author Grady Hendrix
  30. The Evolution of Process — A Writerly Tale


  31. Zombies Need Brains Needs You
  32. Good Old-fashioned Military Science Fiction: The Icarus Corps by Zachary Brown
  33. Rock Stars, Bloggers, and Hidden Magic: The Wind in His Heart by Charles de Lint
  34. Companion Robots, Grave Robbing, and Monster-haunted Catacombs: July/August 2017 Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
  35. September/August 2017 Asimov’s Science Fiction Now on Sale
  36. A Not So Trimphant Ending to The Atlan Saga: Some Summer Lands by Jane Gaskell
  37. It’s So Weird I Can’t Look Away: DC Comics’ Young Animal Imprint
  38. Modular: The Traveller Central Supply Catalogue Page by Page: Survival Gear, Electronics and Computers…
  39. Making it on the American Grub Street: Hired Pens, Professional Writers in America’s Golden Age of Print
  40. Axiom Verge: Retro Gaming At Its Finest


  41. Modular: Successful Adventuring — Or, Staying Alive & Getting the Gold
  42. Once It’s Invented, You Can’t Uninvent It
  43. Amazing Stories, December 1964: A Retro-Review
  44. July/August Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Now on Sale
  45. Superheroes, a Wise-Cracking Demon, and Warrior Dinosaurs: To Hell and Back by Matthew Hughes
  46. World Weaver Press Open for Submissions, Both Novels and Short Stories for a New Anthology
  47. Vintage Treasures: Dragonfly by Frederic S. Durbin
  48. Fantasia 2017, Days 7 to 9: The Laplace’s Demon
  49. Celebrate the Optimism of Old-School Science Fiction, With a Twist: The Stars at my Door, edited by George Ilett Anderson and Neil Baker
  50. New Treasures: The Tensorate Series by Jy Yang

There were plenty of older articles popular last month as well. The 25 most popular blog posts written before September were:

  1. Death Knight Love Story: WMA meets WTF
  2. “Are You Not Still Entertained?”: Gladiator’s 10-Year Oscar Anniversary
  3. Goth Chick News: Samuel L. Jackson Takes On Japanese OVA – Hold On To Your Butts…
  4. Fantasia Diary 2015, Day 5: Teana: 10000 Years Later, Crimson Whale, and The Shamer’s Daughter
  5. Solitaire Adventure with Victory Point Games
  6. Adventures on Stage: Fantasy Literature’s Missing Link
  7. My Fantasia Festival, Days 5 to 7: Cold in July, The Fatal Encounter, and Huntresses
  8. Blowing the Doors Off the Barn: Expanding the Iron Fist Mythos
  9. Living it Large: How Larger Than Life Characters Work
  10. The Return of the King (1980)
  11. Eccentric in Retrospect: Helen Simpson’s The Woman on the Beast
  12. Heroic Fantasy with the Sharp Edge of Reality: The Sacred Band by Janet Morris and Chris Morris
  13. New Treasures: The Library of America Publishes Elmore Leonard
  14. Return to Thieves World in Beyond Sanctuary: The Revised and Expanded Author’s Cut by Janet Morris
  15. Haunt the House: The Music and Art of Will Houlihan
  16. Adventures In Gaming: The Temple Of the Sea Gods
  17. The Series Series: Shieldwall: Barbarians! by M. Harold Page
  18. Tribulations Herculean and Tragic: Beyond Wizardwall by Janet Morris
  19. The IX by Andrew P. Weston
  20. Why isn’t Conan a Mary Sue?
  21. Caught Between Rebels and the Empire’s Blackest Magic: Beyond the Veil: The Revised and Expanded Author’s Cut by Janet Morris
  22. Art of the Genre: Art of Dungeon Maps
  23. The Top 50 Black Gate Posts in July
  24. Part Gothic, Part Sword and Sorcery, and Part Horror: Andrew P. Weston’s Hell Bound
  25. Things Your Writing Teacher Never Told You: The Skeleton Matters (Or, Why It’s Not OK to Skip Scenes in Your Third Act)

The Top Black Gate Online Fiction features were:

  1. An excerpt from The Sacred Band by Janet Morris and Chris Morris
  2. Seven Against Hell” by Janet Morris and Chris Morris
  3. An excerpt from Pirates in Hell, edited by Janet Morris and Chris Morris
  4. Goat-Beard the Pirate, Part 2: Evil Angel,” by Janet Morris and Chris Morris
  5. An excerpt from Truck Stop Earth by Michael A. Armstrong
  6. An excerpt from Shards of the Glass Slipper: Queen Cinder by Roy A. Mauritsen
  7. An excerpt from Mouth of the Dragon by Tom Barczak
  8. The Renunciation of the Crimes of Gharad the Undying” by Alex Kreis
  9. The first chapter of The Wreck of the Marissa by M Harold Page
  10. Awakening” by Judith Berman
  11. The Sorrowless Thief” by Ryan Harvey
  12. An excerpt from The Black Fire Concerto by Mike Allen
  13. An Excerpt from Three Ghosts in a Black Pumpkin by Erika M Szabo and Joe Bonadonna
  14. Vestments of Pestilence” by John C. Hocking
  15. The Trade” by Mark Rigney
  16. Nero Wolfe – Stamped for Murder” by Bob Byrne
  17. An excerpt from “The Hand That Binds” by Michael Livingston
  18. The Whoremaster of Pald” by Harry Connolly
  19. Stand at Duben-Geb” by Ryan Harvey
  20. Tsathoggua” by Michael Shea
  21. An excerpt from Soleri by Michael Johnston
  22. An Excerpt from Souldrifter by Garrett Calcaterra
  23. An excerpt from Mad Shadows II by Joe Bonadonna
  24. The Moonstones of Sor Lunarum” by Joe Bonadonna
  25. Iron Joan” by ElizaBeth Gilligan

The top categories last month were:

  1. Editor’s Blog
  2. Vintage Treasures
  3. Books
  4. Art of the Genre
  5. Blog Entry
  6. Art
  7. Conan
  8. Comics
  9. Reviews
  10. Convention Report
  11. Game Reviews
  12. Role Playing Games
  13. Magazines
  14. Goth Chick
  15. New Treasures
  16. Black Gate Goes to Summer Movies
  17. BG Staff
  18. News
  19. Discovering Robert E. Howard
  20. Writing
  21. Pulp
  22. Obituary
  23. Series Fantasy
  24. Fiction
  25. Contest
  26. Essays
  27. Future Treasures
  28. Interviews
  29. Fashion
  30. Solitaire Game Reviews

The Top 50 Black Gate blog posts in August are here, and you can see all 81 posts we made in the month of September here.

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Fletcher Vredenburgh

The old (Zelazny) and new (Kemp) make the top 10. Nice!

Thomas Parker

Now all we need is something borrowed and something blue.

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