John DeNardo’s Savory Selection of Science Fiction and Fantasy for October

John DeNardo’s Savory Selection of Science Fiction and Fantasy for October

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Over at Kirkus Reviews, the tireless John DeNardo itemizes the 13 “must-read science fiction and fantasy books being released in October.” And John reads even more than I do, so he should know. Here he is on Faller by Will McIntosh, which will be released by Tor Books on October 25.

The people of the world find themselves on floating islands of rock, with no memory of who they are, how they got there, or what happened. A man calling himself Faller discovers in his pocket a photo of himself with a woman… thus prompting him to find the woman he can no longer remember… This science fiction thriller starts with a mystery that will make you not want to put the book down.

And Impersonations by Walter Jon Williams (, October 4).

After the fall of an evil empire that subjugated both humans and aliens, a hero emerged from the civil war that followed. But Caroline Sula offended her superiors by winning a battle without their permission, and now she is posted to old Earth to keep her quiet. But the powers that be aren’t content; someone is manufacturing evidence that would lead to her false imprisonment… This is a sweeping space opera with an emphasis on adventure.

And Yesternight by Cat Winters (William Morrow, October 4).

A young child psychologist arrives in a small town in Oregon in 1925 to administer IQ tests to a group of rural schoolchildren. However, one of the children, a seven-year-old girl, is not only a mathematical genius, but also claims to have memories of a former life, including her own death by drowning at age nineteen… Yesternight is a story that is unassumingly haunting.

See John’s complete article here.

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