The Big 50! Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Issue #50

The Big 50! Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Issue #50

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly’s big 50th issue hit the world in early November and we’ve already had two rounds of great reviews! Tangent Online delves into our five fiction works, then Quick Sip Reviews follows it up reviewing both fiction and poetry

The pieces range but do manage a pretty good thematic cohesion, with issues of inheritance and theft being front and center in almost all of them. This might take the shape of a Shakespearean tragedy, an uncle usurping a throne, or might be more of a romping heist, but whatever the case, the stories keep things moving quickly, with plenty of action, a bit of humor, and a touch of heart. The poems nicely round out the offerings, and it’s a very strong issue worth checking out, and a wonderful celebration for a publication reaching its fiftieth issue! Cheers!

-Charles Paysuer, Quick Sip Reviews

With those accolades, I’m eager to point you in the direction of our offerings!

Fiction Contents

The Reprieve,” by Darrell Schweitzer, with artwork by Andrea Alemanno.  A new story of Sekenre the Sorcerer!  Riverland is a world full of wandering gods, decadent kingdoms; and in the lands of the dead, an ancient scholar and a cunning prince are embroiled in the centuries-long plots of sorcerers.

The Lost Prince,” by Milton Davis, with artwork by Miguel Santos.  Young Prince Zakaria is hounded by treachery and murder, barely finding a sanctuary among the fierce Haggar tribesmen.  Now the young man must decide on loyalties and choose which of the difficult paths to his future he must tread.

The Carnival Job,” by Mark Finn, with artwork by Miguel Santos.  Gods Week in the city-state of Alvara  is a time of feasting and celebration, and amid the competing festivities of the nobles master-thief Larcen has one chance to pull off a heist to guarantee his freedom and set his gang up with loot!  HFQ has been a goblin-friendly port for years, and Finn brings ‘em in this exciting tale!

Father-of-Rivers,” by Gregory Mele, artwork by Justin Pfiel.  Return the alternate history Meso-American Azatlán world!  Captain Sarrumos and the crew of the Wave-Serpent (see Komazotz in issue #41)  leave the open sea and venture upriver, entangling themselves in a world of shifting alliances, hidden shrines, nameless tribes and a lurking ancient evil.

The Orb of Semerkhet,” by Jeremy Farkas, artwork by Gary McClusky.  The second adventure of the fierce gladiator/warrior Sathano  (see Sathano the Slayer, issue #46).  The desert holds man secrets and many horrors, but when the blades of Dune Riders are at your back, you go big or end up in a shallow desert grave.  

Poetry Contents

Shaft Tomb, by  Ann Schwader, artwork by Simon Walpole. Ann returns to HFQ with a great poem of the fathomless depths of time that surround the eternal resting place of antediluvian beings.

How the Rose Princes Came to Life, by Elizabeth McClellan, with artwork by Andrea Alemanno .   The schemes of treacherous noblemen run afoul of the end-goals of witches in this powerful poem.

The Bowsprit Mermaid and the Stemhead Dragon, by Katherine Quevedo, with artwork by Simon Walpole.  Ancient mariners would often imbue their ships with personalities and spirits, and Quevedo brings the story of two ships passing on the seas to life.  

Adrian Simmons is an editor for Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, check out their Best-of Volume 3 Anthology, or support them on Patreon!  

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Mister Frau Blucher

Very cool, Adrian! I’ll be checking these out with relish the next few days! Congrats on 50 issues!

Adrian Simmons

Thanks! I hope you like it!

Wayne Ligon

Particularly enjoyed ‘The Carnival Job’.

Adrian Simmons

Good to hear!

John ONeill

50 issues!! That’s an incredible landmark Adrian. The entire team should be very proud.

Adrian Simmons

Thanks! We are quite proud of it!


More Sekenre! Amazing. What a great table of contents and authors, all around.

Adrian Simmons

I know! The Sekenre story was quite a find!

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