Rogue Blades Presents: All Good Things Must Come to a … Change!

Rogue Blades Presents: All Good Things Must Come to a … Change!

All good things must come to an end. Sort of. Kind of. But not exactly.

This will be my last Rogue Blades article for Black Gate. This doesn’t mean I’m going anywhere. No. One of my articles will still be here every other Friday. And no, I’m not stepping down as vice president of the Rogue Blades Foundation, a non-profit which focuses on all things heroic, especially heroic literature.

What is changing is that the Rogue Blades Foundation and its for-profit publishing side, Rogue Blades Entertainment, will be coming together on a new Web site, Rogue Blades. The new site will not only feature news about both sides of this publishing venture, but will also present weekly articles from a variety of writers, including myself. So I’ll be penning articles about the heroic over at Rogue Blades.

As for my future here at Black Gate, as mentioned above, I’ll keep writing articles here, but now I’ll have more freedom to write about other topics, many which might be related to heroic literature but not necessarily.

As for what I’ll be writing here, I’ve a number of subjects I’d like to cover. For instance, I’ve long been a fan of Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct police procedural novels, and I’m considering a series on each of those books, though at 55 novels and a handful of shorter works, I have to admit that’s a rather daunting task. Other subjects I’d like to tackle are older tabletop role playing games that don’t see as much love as I’d like; Dungeons & Dragons is well covered online and even Star Frontiers has received some recent love here at Black Gate, but I’d like to take a look back at such games as Dragonquest, Lords of Creation, Car Wars and the original Deadlands, plus others as they come to mind. It’s also possible, even likely, I’ll sometimes write about fiction I’m reading or movies or shows I’m watching.

As for the Rogue Blades Foundation, we not only will continue publishing articles at that site, but we will continue to publish fiction and non-fiction books related to heroic literature. In the last year, Rogue Blades Entertainment has released As You Wish!: A Heroic Anthology of All the Good Parts, Crossbones & Crosses: An Anthology of Heroic Swashbuckling Adventure, and Reach for the Sky: A Heroic Anthology of the Wild & Weird West. More titles are coming soon, including Robert E. Howard Changed My Life from the Rogue Blades Foundation.

To be honest, I’ll probably mention Rogue Blades, the site and Entertainment and the Foundation, from time to time here at Black Gate, but that will not generally be the gist of my work here.

I’m looking forward to the changes, to exploring here at Black Gate and to studying the heroic at Rogues Blades. I hope you’ll travel along with me. For that matter, if you’ve a subject you’d like to see written about, drop me a message here and I’ll consider it.

Good writing and reading to you!

Ty Johnston

Ty Johnston is vice president of the Rogue Blades Foundation, a non-profit organization focused upon bringing heroic literature to all readers. A former newspaper editor, he is the author of several fantasy trilogies and novels, including City of Rogues and The God Sword.

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Jeremy Erman

It’s great to see that Rogue Blades has a website again! What nice news! Congratulations!

Bob Byrne

I ascribe to the belief that Ed McBain and Lawrence Block are the best short story writers I’ve found.
(Hammett excluded, I guess).

McBain’s police procedurals – novel and short story) are terrific reads.

And maybe some essays on Thieves World?????

Though NOT the atrocious reboot from Lynn Abbey.

Jason M Waltz

Thanks, Jeremy! Hope to see your comments over yonder 🙂

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