Here They Are — The Brand New 1957 Titles from Gnome Press

Here They Are — The Brand New 1957 Titles from Gnome Press

Gnome Press 1957 brand new titles announcement-small

For tonight, I thought I’d post a rare bit of Robert E. Howard Conan ephemera I’ve been meaning to post for awhile, but hadn’t gotten around to yet. This is the front page of the 1957 Gnome Press catalog — the catalog is four pages long, printed on an 11″ x 17″ sheet of paper folded in half (click the image above for a legible version).

Among other books, it advertises “The Fabulous Conan Series,” stating

CONAN, the very-human splendid barbarian, who found high adventure and fought both men or demon in his climb to kingship in the magical pre-dawn lands of Hyboria.

And then followed by a quote on the Conan stories from a professor in the History Department at SMU.

Inside was a one-sided sheet offering their Christmas Discount Offer, 10 books for $12, which I’ll post below. I’d gladly pay that!

Gnome Press 1957 christmas discount offer-small

Doug’s last post for us was Time to Revise Your Lin Carter Bibliography.

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Thomas Parker

Twelve bucks. It would be very interesting to know what copies of these editions would cost you today – if you could even obtain them.

R.K. Robinson

I’d gladly buy every book listed in the flyer, and at $12 for the discounted ones, what a bargain! Not that I haven’t read most of them, and have some of them, but brand new copies? You bet.


I don’t think I have heard of S. I. Oost in relation to Conan before. Stewart Irwin Oost was a classical philologist. In 1957 he published a study of Anymander of Athamania, a (very obscure) tyrant active in north-west Greece in c. 200 BC. Interesting how someone with a highly specialised classical training liked some pseudo-classical blood-and-guts.

Thomas Parker

And the London Interplanetary Zoo has, like, the BEST churros.


Thanks. The tyrant’s name was Amynander, btw. My transcription error.

Bob Byrne

More of these kinds of posts please, Doug!

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