James Enge’s A Guile of Dragons Coming in August

James Enge’s A Guile of Dragons Coming in August

a-guile-of-dragonsNice to see the print medium can still get me news in a timely fashion (even if it’s news that everybody else already knows by now).

Somewhere off the coast of Belize, on the balcony of a cruise ship about 100 miles from the nearest Internet access, I read in the latest issue of Locus magazine that Black Gate alumnus James Enge had delivered A Guile of Dragons, the first novel in A Tournament of Shadows, to Lou Anders at Pyr.

The novel is scheduled to be published on August 24. According to an interview with James at Old Game Reviewer that I dug up when I landed, it is Morlock’s origin story:

The Wolf Age did well enough that Pyr signed me to another 3-book deal. Currently I’m finishing up an origin story for Morlock. It’s called A Guile of Dragons and is due out next summer. It’s very old school fantasy in some ways — dwarves, dragons, Merlin and Nimue. (No elves, though. Everyone has to draw the line somewhere.) And it also gives us a look at Morlock’s homeland, which is a sort of anarchy where community needs are addressed by voluntary associations. It’s a sort of utopia, really — with monsters. Most utopias don’t have monsters, of course, but that’s why they lack a certain plausibility.

Pretty cool indeed. The striking cover art is by Steve Stone. Looking forward to this one.

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Matthew Wuertz

I knew the 3-book deal was coming. This is really exciting news. Just think: a story about a guy chasing down some shoes has grown into an epic tale, spanning multiple novels. And this is why markets like Black Gate are so crucial to fantasy literature. Congrats, James! And keep finding more great stories, John!

C.S.E. Cooney

Did I just die? If so, why do I have to wait until FRIKKIN AUGUST to go to heaven???

I know, I know. Heaven and Utopia aren’t the same thing. Although an Engean heaven would ALSO have monsters.



I can’t wait for this book. i thought the same thing when i saw august…

Sarah Avery

Rejoice! More Morlock!

My freakishly long attention span and I can wait until August. We’ll be watching this space with unnerviing patience.


I’ll have to keep an eye out 🙂

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