Orbit to publish SEVEN PRINCES

Orbit to publish SEVEN PRINCES

Finally! I can announce the exciting news I’ve been sitting on for months: I’ve signed a three-book deal with Orbit Books, the sci-fi/fantasy division of the Hachette Book Group.

They will be publishing my “big fantasy novel” SEVEN PRINCES in January 2012 (Domestic and UK markets). Two more novels will follow to complete the Books of the Shaper trilogy: SEVEN KINGS and SEVEN SORCERERS.

I wanna thank the BLACK GATE crew (specifically Howard Jones and John O’Neill) for their unflagging support of my work. Thanks, guys! You complete me…

I’ll post more info on the books and the series as it becomes available.


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Congratulations, John. Well done. Please let me know if you’d be interested in having it reviewed.


Big congrats to you, that’s great news 🙂

Jason T

Congratulations and well done, Mr. Fultz. I look forward to reading your novel.

As you probably already know, CONGRATULATIONS!

I wonder if anyone is noticing the growing number of writers from the Black Gate stable who are making the leap to book deals? I’d say John’s magazine is a nice hearthfire around which we can gather and swap stories.


Congrats, John, that’s great!

John ONeill

Congratulations, John. This has been a long time coming. It is well deserved.

Who do I have to nag at Orbit to get an excerpt I can publish in the magazine? 🙂

C.S.E. Cooney


Matthew David Surridge

Add my congratulations to the pile! Nicely done, sir!


Oh no! Not another fucking trilogy?!

Seriously though, I look forward to this, and RBE, has revealed you as a contributor to their Assassins: Clash of Steel anthology. Should be fun.

Bill Ward

Fantastic news! Congrats, John.

Awesome John! Big-time congrats sir! I’m glad to say “I knew you when…” 🙂

John Hocking

I’m hoping this extended effort is fully as macabre, malefic, tenebrous and cyclopean as your shorter work.
Do you know if you’re going into hardcover or straight into trade paper?

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