Future Treasures: Fall of the Iron Gods, Book II of The Mechanists by Olivia Chadha

Future Treasures: Fall of the Iron Gods, Book II of The Mechanists by Olivia Chadha

Rise of the Red Hand and Fall of the Iron Gods (Erewhon Books,
January 19, 2021, and April 30, 2024). Cover design by Lisa Marie Pompilio. Covers by Rashed AlAkroka

Liz Gorinsky is one of the most respected editors in science fiction and fantasy. In fact, when I finished my first novel The Robots of Gotham, Liz was the first person I brought it to (she didn’t buy it). Liz left Tor Books in 2018 to found an independent speculative fiction publishing company, Erewhon Books. Liz left Erewhon last year, but not before growing it into one of the most exciting new publishers of SF and fantasy.

One of their recent discoveries is Olivia Chadha, a Colorado author of literary novels (Balance of Fragile Things), comic books, and SF/Hopepunk. Her first SF novel was Rise of the Red Hand, the tale of a group of rebels in a climate ravaged future South Asia who discover an appalling government conspiracy, which Nerd Daily calls “a stunning read from beginning to end.” The sequel, Fall of the Iron Gods, is due next spring.

Here’s more of that Nerd Daily review by Jena Brown,

The entire world is crumbling in the aftermath of the last World War. And the South Asian province is no different. Split it two, Uplanders live a comfortable life in a climate-controlled biodome while the Downlanders are forced to live in the exterior slums where rising sea waters, hunger, and disease constantly threaten their existence.

Ashiva is a smuggler. A good one at that. She works with the Red Hand, a group of rebels and revolutionaries scattered throughout the province. Her priority is protecting her sister and fighting for the future of the abandoned children deemed unfit by Central’s merciless AI…. Fighting to survive, Ashiva and Riz-Ali accidentally cross paths and uncover a horrific government conspiracy. With a virus threatening the population, mecha robots destroying the Narrows, and soldier’s intent on keeping them quiet no matter what, they have to put aside their differences to uncover the truth. On the run, betrayed by people they love, they have one chance to prove to the world that Central isn’t the utopia it claims it to be and save their communities from complete destruction.

From beginning to end, Rise of the Red Hand is an intense ride. Chadha introduces us to the world layer by layer as Ashiva goes on a smuggling run…. Rise of the Red Hand is a stunning read from beginning to end. This is the first in a series and while the book offers a satisfying end, there are plenty of threads that will leave readers eager for the next instalment. Fans of smart science fiction based in grounded, realistic science will devour this book. It’s fast-paced, filled with dynamic characters, and topped with realistic issues relevant to modern life.

Read the whole thing here.

Fall of the Iron Gods will be published by Erewhon Books on April 30, 2024. Rise of the Red Hand is available today from fine booksellers everywhere.

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