Sasquan Announces Record Voting for the 2015 Hugo Awards

Sasquan Announces Record Voting for the 2015 Hugo Awards

SasquanSasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention, announced this morning that voting for the 2015 Hugo Awards has reached record levels.

Sasquan is pleased to announce that it received a record­breaking 5,950 valid ballots for the 2015 Hugo Awards. 5,914 voters used the online voting system and 36 submitted paper ballots. The 5,950 total surpasses the vote total record for previous years (3,587 ballots, set by Loncon in 2014) by more than 65%.

More than 57% of the convention members eligible to vote cast ballots this year, making this the highest level of participation in Hugo Awards voting in the past decade.

Sasquan will announce the Hugo Awards winners Saturday, Aug. 22, at 8 p.m. at a ceremony hosted by authors Tananarive Due and David Gerrold.

For those unable to attend the ceremonies, Sasquan will also live stream the Awards ceremony here. There will also be a text stream available on the Hugo Awards webpage.

Voting for the Hugos is now closed. Sasquan will release final vote counts at the conclusion of the Aug. 22 ceremony.

Black Gate declined our first Hugo nomination this year, on account of the bloc voting from the Rabid Puppy campaign. My comments on this year’s Hugo ballot are here.

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Wild Ape

Marshmellows anyone?

Wild Ape

I’m working on a potential menu and drink list for the guests. I’ve got a drinking game as well. Any time No Award, Puppies, Vox Day, or Social Justice Warrior is mentioned to take a shot. I think it is acceptable to drink if Ancillary Justice is mentioned. Here are some drinks I’m looking at:

The Torgersen: warm water to get that refreshing Sand Box flair. Meal would be an genuine egg omlette MRE served cold. Desert would be an ice cube.

The Sad Puppy: Lemon pepper pork chops with a Caesar salad. No desert.

The Correia: sprite laced with gun powder. Angus burger with A1 steaksauce and fried onions. Desert would be an ice cream sunday with butter finger sprinkles. You gotta keep the big kaiju happy.

The Vox Day: Tequila with a Dos Equis chaser. Meal is tenderized veal, peppered corn with green peppers.

The Sandifer: A good middle eastern doof with tardis shaped ice cubes. Meal would be a Philly cheese steak. Desert would be a book of Harlan Ellison’s poetry.

The Gerrold: A cherry coke. The meal chicken teriyaki and desert would be green or blue jello.

The GRRM Reaper: Long Island Ice Tea served with New Mexico fajitas. Desert will be tapioca pudding with a drizzle of carmel.

It is a work in progress.

Predictions? Sasquan will be overcast with light rains and cool temperatures considering it is August. There will be at least two or three meltdowns and not all by David Gerrold. Flamewars will be high creating a level 5 Sharknado. It would be best to keep away from the blogs as tempers will be hot.

As for the winners I’m thinking:

The Goblin Emperor–it was loved by a wide variety of people, Goodreads gave it a thumbs up, I think it won the Nebula, and Katherine Addison did not have any bad politics tied to it.

Championship B’Tok—It might be wishful thinking, if not the Day the World Turned Upside Down has a decent shot.

Ms Marvel—there are a lot of Marvel fans out there. I would not be surprised if Marvel comics brings in more voters too.

Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form
This one will be close. I’m hearing a lot of Captain America out there.

Best Dramatic Presentation Short Form
I think there is some waning of support from the Dr. Who and Game of Thrones sector. I think Orphan Black will win the day.

Best semiprozine: Lightspeed made last minute pushes that made headlines and I think it will pay off.

Best Fanzine: Tangent. No real reason. It is a SWAG.

Best Fancast: Dungeon Crawlers Radio. Again, just a SWAG considering that RPGs are now mainstream and not fringe.

Best Fan Writer: Laura Mixon only because I hear her name more than any other.

Best Fan Artist: Steve Stiles. The Disgruntled Puppy was a hoot. I think he capitalized on the whole kerfunkle.

Cambell award: Wesley Chu.

I think all the rest will be No Award. I don’t underestimate the ire that many had. At the same time I think that the media gave the anti Puppy crowd their focus and you can’t dismiss that. Most people couldn’t tell you the difference between the Sad or Rabid Puppies let alone what they are about. What they hear is the Guardian and others who smeared them.

I’m happy that there are 65% more people voting. This is a good thing for all fandom. What I’m hoping is that the results aren’t tampered with. It is important that Worldcon ensure that the voting is legit. Next year I hope more will be voting. Chances are there will be more crowing and lamentations like there are every year. I haven’t heard much worry from Truefans. I suspect the results are already out.

How about you John? What is your take?

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