Goth Chick News: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas; Blood-Letting Included

Goth Chick News: What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas; Blood-Letting Included

image0021As the saying goes… what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And while this may be true, that doesn’t stop us here at Goth Chick News from wishing that each state had a Goretorium of its own.

Just when we thought that New York might be home to the most disturbing, torture-porn fright attraction of all time in the form of Blackout, comes the May 1st announcement that the man who brought the tourism horror of Hostel to the big screen is bringing a whole new type of fright to Sin City.  Eli Roth’s Goretorium haunted attraction is scheduled to open on September 27 in Las Vegas, just in time for Halloween.

Aiming to tap into the $7 billion a year Halloween industry, the 24/7, year-round, multi-level Goretorium, situated at the corner of the Strip and Harmon in Vegas (on top of the local Walgreens), aspires to become “the world mecca for horror fans,” says Roth.

Eli Roth
Eli Roth

He goes on to explain:

Horror fans know that with my name on it, it won’t be for little kids. They know it will be a very scary experience.  There has never been a horror experience like this.  We’re building an entire interactive community for everyone who goes through, so horror fans globally will be able to connect to anyone who has gone through the haunt.

With a little research we’ve learned this is a much bigger deal than we originally imagined (and we can imagine a lot).

Our friends over at Bloody Disgusting discovered that the downstairs of the Goretorium will have a bar along with a movie prop and costume museum.  The top floor will contain another bar, horror-themed this time, complete with caged zombie dancers and a venue for concerts and premiere events.

Home of the Goretorium in Vegas
Home of the Goretorium in Vegas

Zombie cage dancers?  Can you stand it?

Last year, Roth’s Hostel: Hunting Season, a meat grinder of a horror maze, was the one of the most highly attended attractions at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.

Roth, who’s heading off to Pennsylvania next week to start shooting his Netflix mystery series Hemlock Grove, says he’s already had pre-opening offers to franchise the Goretorium in London, Tokyo and New York, as well as elsewhere in America (Chicago please, please, please!) meaning the Goretorium could represent the first serious worldwide competition for Universal’s Horror Nights.

No word yet on exactly what terrors lurk in the depths of this attraction, but Roth has a P.T. Barnum-meets-Jack-the-Ripper level of showmanship that virtually guarantees genre hounds will not be disappointed.

In other words, maybe drop grandma off at Cirque du Soleil before you go.

Are you ready for Halloween to be every night of the year?  Now please excuse me while I book my flight.

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John R. Fultz

“the world mecca for horror fans”?

More like: “the world mecca for sadists”

Ugh. Come to Vegas! Meet interesting people and disembowel them!

And humanity sinks to yet another new low.

John R. Fultz

I’ll be in my room, watching HOUSE OF A THOUSAND CORPSES.


From the mind of Eli Roth comes new forms of torture. I wonder if he serves as a consultant for political regimes and drug cartels seeking the best and newest ways to inflict suffering on people.
I just can’t consider watching human beings tortured, disemboweld, ground into pieces, flayed, or what have you a form of entertainment. Why does anyone want to watch that? People being tortured to death is entertaining because…(fill in the blank). H.H. Holmes merely a pioneer in entertainment.
It’s bad enough on screen, and now we want to see it simulated before our own eyes. Not to make a slippery slope argument, but what’s the next step?

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