Dabir and Asim return in The Waters of Eternity

Dabir and Asim return in The Waters of Eternity

waters-of-eternityDabir and Asim, the heroes of The Desert of Souls, return in a new collection from Black Gate Managing Editor Howard Andrew Jones.

The Waters of Eternity includes six short stories of Arabian fantasy, including “Sight of Vengeance” (BG 10), which brings our heroes face to face with a supernatural horror while searching for a killer in the heart of ancient Baghdad.

Venture into the time of the Arabian Nights with stalwart Captain Asim and the brilliant Dabir as they hunt an unseen killer that craves only the eyes of his victims, and pursue a dark entity haunting the halls of an opulent mansion. Ride with them on a desperate journey to preserve a terrible weapon from Byzantine agents, and seek the waters of eternity to save a dying girl’s life. In six tales brimming with mystery and sword-slinging action Dabir and Asim stride forward into adventure. With nothing to shield them but Asim’s sword arm and Dabir’s wit, the two heroes must unravel sinister puzzles, confront dark wizards, rescue fair maidens, and battle the terrifying monsters of legend.

The Waters of Eternity was published by Macmillan in a Kindle Edition on November 22. It is available for $2.99 from Amazon.com, iBooks, and Barnes & Noble. The cover art is by Ervin Serrano.

This is excellent stuff… mysteries surrounded by magic… in the grand tradition of high adventure, Arabian Nights, and Sherlock Holmes. These are unique, clever and well-written little gems.

Joe Bonadonna, author of Mad Shadows

If you’re a fan of adventure fantasy, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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Is there a print version coming out or this is ebook only.

One the semester ends i plan on sitting in front of a fire and reading desert of souls


Actually, it says ‘Not Currently Available’


seeing as how i’m halfway through desert of souls and my wife got a kindle fire for christmas i will be for sure checking this out.


I finished Desert of Souls today. I enjoyed it alot. My favorite parts were in the last few chapters.

I’m no book reviewer, or an aspiring writer, i’m just your everyday ready who loves a good sword and sorcery story.

I thought this was a good story and it was refreshing reading an fantasy setting that didn’t resemble medieval europe. It was important to me that Howard tried to stay historically accurate and that it was set in our “world.” I wouldn’t have liked it as much if it was in some fictional Arab setting.

It didn’t feel like sword and sorcery in the classic sense but i could see the Robert E. Howard influence.

At the beginning i didn’t like the first person perspective, or the fact that it was Asim telling the story in past tense, meaning that he was alive.

These were just issues with myself. Once i accepted the fact that Asim wasn’t going to die. The past tense and first person didn’t bother me anymore. By the end of the story i enjoyed those aspects of the book.

Howard put a new spin on having two main characters. I cam in expecting a Dabir and Asim are best friends and its them against the world kind of story. But really They aren’t the classic “duo” until the end of the story and even then they don’t fall into the usual cliche’s

I’ll stop rambling now and go steal my wife’s kindle and buy waters of eternity.

I’ll have to check out Harold Lamb eventually. I just have a hard time finding those bison books.


Ok i am hooked on Dabir and Asim stories. I bought this two days ago and i already finished all six stories. I am wondering where i can find a list of all their appearances. In the author’s note you mention a short story appearing in one of Rogue Blades’ anthologies which one would that be?

Hi Glenn,

I’m delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the adventures of Dabir and Asim.

Unfortunately, that’s it for now — the Dabir and Asim story slated for Rogue Blades is in an anthology that hasn’t been printed yet. I’m putting finishing touches on the second novel, though (slated for release this summer), and I’m currently contracted to write two more after that, so there will be more fairly soon. In the meantime, the first novel is getting re-released in trade paperback in about a week.

Thanks again for your interest and support. I’m very happy that you liked the work!

Warm Regards,

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