Coming Soon — Black Gate 15!

Coming Soon — Black Gate 15!

bg15_320aTeam Black Gate has been putting in a lot of overtime, and we’re just about ready to pull back the veil on our latest production. Black Gate 15 is another massive issue, with over 350 pages of fiction, reviews, and articles.  It contains 22 stories — more than any issue in our history — totaling over 150,000 words of adventure fantasy.

Jonathan L. Howard returns to our pages with “The Shuttered Temple,” the sequel to “The Beautiful Corridor” from Black Gate 13, in which the resourceful thief Kyth must penetrate the secrets of a mysterious and very lethal temple.  Howard Andrew Jones bring us another swashbucking tale of Arabian fantasy featuring Dabir & Asim, this time a lengthy excerpt from his blockbuster novel The Desert of Souls.

Harry Connolly returns after too long an absence with “Eating Venom,” in which a desperate soldier faces a basilisk’s poison — and the treachery it brings. John C. Hocking kicks off a terrific  new sword & sorcery series with “A River Through Darkness & Light,” featuring a dedicated Archivist who leads a small band into a deadly desert tomb, and John Fultz shares the twisted fate of a thief who dares fantastic dangers to steal rare spirits indeed in “The Vintages of Dream.”

Plus fiction from Vaughn Heppner, Darrell Schweitzer, Jamie McEwan, Michael Livingston, Frederic S. Durbin, Chris Willrich, Fraser Ronald, Maria Snyder, Brian Dolton, and many others.

In our generous non-fiction section, Mike Resnick educates us on the best in black & white fantasy cinema, Bud Webster turns his attention to the brilliant Tom Reamy in his Who? column on 20th Century fantasy authors, Scott Taylor challenges ten famous fantasy artists to share their vision of a single character in Art Evolution, and Rich Horton looks at the finest fantasy anthologies of the last 25 years. Plus over 30 pages of book, game, and DVD reviews, edited by Bill Ward, Howard Andrew Jones, and Andrew Zimmerman Jones — and a brand new Knights of the Dinner Table strip.

Black Gate 15 will be on sale next month. We’ll have a detailed sneak peek, with tantalizing story excerpts and artwork, right here in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Cover art by Donato Giancola.

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i like the female conan!

John Hocking

That cover is gorgeous.

Wow. Wow, wow, WOW!

Impressive once again, Mr. John O’Neill! You’ve done marvelously. Cover? Spectacular! Contents of 350 pages, 22 stories, 150k words? Holy Cow! (Though at this rate I will never catch up on my issues reading!)

I am very very happy to begin my day with this news. Now to end it with a Packer Super Bowl victory! (That’s American football to you, Canadian!)

Scott Taylor

Holy smokes! I saw that cover and thought, ‘crap, why couldn’t I have gotten into this issue!?’, then I remember I AM IN THIS ISSUE! Sweet! Now I’ve just got to get a fiction story in and my life it complete 🙂

Jeff Stehman

Hmm. I like the idea behind the cover, but it looks like Cate Blanchett’s head on a male athlete’s body. Could have at least gone with Linda Hamilton’s head cira T2 (and my wife still would have launched into a lecture about arm structure and proportion).

What’s between the covers, however, looks spot on.

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C.S.E. Cooney

Oh, Sonya. My FAVORITE cover yet! I packed away the print very carefully and will get her framed when the time and the bank account allows. She makes me want to write. Well done, John! I can’t wait for new issue!

Jeff Stehman

I think that’s rather the point of the cover, Jeff — it very definitely addresses all those dainty, sword-wielding maiden warriors in contemporary fantasy art.

Oh, I loathe those covers. I married a farm girl who put her much larger brother to shame when bucking bales, but if you covered her head, she didn’t look like a man.

John R. Fultz

This, looks amazing, John! Gorgeous cover, as always, intriguing set of stories, and another jumbo-sized issue!


John R. Fultz

Donald Crankshaw

Cool. I’m glad to see another issue come out. And not just because I’m that much closer to seeing my own story in print. (Just a couple more issues to go.)

Scott Taylor

“You’d think so, Scott. But then I’ll be pressuring you for the sequel. You can’t win, really.”

Promise? 🙂


A new plateau of awesome in BG covers!


“The Beautiful Corridor” was a great story. Hope the sequel is as exciting!

John R. Fultz

>Thanks John! With your third story for
>us appearing in Black Gate 15, and
>another one in issue 16, pretty soon
>we’re just going to start putting your
>picture on the cover.

Ha! Thanks, John. Nice to know “Glimmer Faire” is in line for BG#16. That story has also travelled a long road…

Definitely don’t put my picture on the cover, or the circulation might drop to zero. Heh

I’d love to see that Stephen Fabian cover we were talking about, though…

Rock on,

John R. Fultz

Oh, yeah, that is suh-weet! Either of these would be good. If you go with the third one I suggested you’d have to move the BG logo to the bottom, though. I love the green sea in the one you’re digging. Fabian!

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