Games at Black Gate

Games at Black Gate

A few things spring to mind this April morning.

summa1. Happy Easter to all and sundry.

2. Congratulations to John, Howard, and Joseph for getting out the mammoth issue 14. I just received it two days ago and it is as big as it is beautiful. The cover is most assuredly the best to date.

3. I appreciated John Ottinger’s review of my novel, Summa Elvetica. I cannot say that I disagree with any of his criticisms in the slightest. He is absolutely right and I should have done more. Mea maxima culpa. I will point out one correction, however, as the Latin theology in the book is also fictitious.  Thomas Aquinas is not known to have written extensively on the prospective anima of the Aelvi.

4. I read with great enthusiasm John’s talk of Panzer Leader and Howard’s RPG game reviews.  Since I make a habit of dabbling in game design from time to time, I am not infrequently in contact with many other game designers.  Look for interviews with luminaries such as Marc Miller (Traveller), Chris Taylor (Supreme Commander), Richard Garriott (Akalabeth), Steve Fawkner (Puzzle Quest), and various others to begin appearing here soon on the Black Gate blog.  And if there is a PC/console game in which you have particular interest, be it good or bad, let me know what questions you have concerning it and I’ll see what I can do about interviewing the culpable designer.

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John ONeill

Hey Theo,

Happy Easter to you too!

And I (for one) would LOVE to see some interviews with folk like Marc Miller and Richard Garriott. I’d also be keenly interested in hearing from people like Brian Fargo, and early RPG developers such as Feargus Urquhart (Black Isle Studios), Chuck Kroegel (Pool of Radiance), and Michael Cranford (Bard’s Tale).

Since yer askin’. 🙂


John ONeill

Wow – you knew the old SSI crew?

The only only I ever met was the founder, Joel Billings. We had a long talk about my favorite SSI game, SWORD OF ARAGON. Would still dearly love to see an updated version.


John ONeill

>Paul and I did the audio for a game they published that was developed by Raven

Holy cow, that must have been Cyclones. I haven’t played that game in years. Makes me want to boot it up just to check out the music again!

> I met Joel when I was reviewing games for CGW

My favorite magazine! Were you a freelancer? Was this during the Russell Sipe era?

Dang. Someone should interview YOU for Black Gate.


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