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CAS and Robert Jordan

We almost never discuss them here on the blog, but I wanted to point everyone once more to the weekly web articles at the Black Gate site. Every week there’s something of interest going up.

Last week Leo Grin uploaded the final installment of Ryan Harvey’s survey of Clark Ashton Smith. Ryan always writes with great skill and insight, and these four articles are likely to establish him as an acknowledged expert on CAS. He’s currently working away on an essay about Leigh Bracketts Eric John Stark, that I’m very much looking forward to reading.

This week, Black Gate’s Leo Grin posts his own work for the first time, a fine essay on the death and legacy of Robert Jordan. Like Ryan, Leo writes extremely well; both men have an excellent command of the language. They are critical but fair, scholarly but eminently readable. Frequently those sets of poles are unrelated.

You can find both articles, as well as other reviews, essays, and interviews, at www.blackgate.com. New web content appears every Sunday.

If you get a chance to read them, I hope you’ll drop by one of the Black Gate forums and discuss them:

SFReader Black Gate Forum

SFF.Net Black Gate Newsgroup


My friend Eric and I are both in the midst of novel-length edits, so when he posted the other day about things to keep in mind while editing, I was all ears. Boy, some of the issues he mentioned are familiar to me! Take a look at his helpful hints by following this link.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone’s having a good weekend.


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