Black Gate 10 Printed

Black Gate 10 Printed

Black Gate 10 is Out!

Black Gate 10 has been printed and is now off to the distributor. It should be appearing in retail outlets like Barnes & Noble, Walden’s Books, Borders, and other book stores within the next week or two. Keep your eyes sharp!

If your local retail outlet doesn’t carry the issue, order it from our home page (

Don’t forget, for a sneak peak at what’s in store, drop by here:

And lest you forget, Black Gate 11 really is around the corner.

Submissions Update

Responses for the e-subs up through middle of August of 2006 started going out this week and will continue to follow just as quickly as I can compose them. I wrote several dozen last night and would have written more but, hey, I needed to sleep.


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