Goth Chick News: From Wolf-Lover to Wolf – kit Harington Gets Hairy

Goth Chick News: From Wolf-Lover to Wolf – kit Harington Gets Hairy

It is no secret around the Black Gate offices that if the “King of the North” ever drops by asking for Goth Chick, I am absolutely, unequivocally always available. It’s true that Jon Snow could be a little too angsty at times, but it was never about his dialog and all about how he looked saying it.

So pairing actor Kit Harington with one of my favorite classic movie monsters had me watching this trailer for The Beast Within over and over when it dropped Tuesday morning.

Take a gander before we move on…

The trailer definitely implies werewolf without coming right out and saying as much. So, there’s a possibility that Harington turns into some other nightmarish creature with claws, fangs and canine-like eyes.

But the repeated shots of the full moon scream “werewolf” in my book. We also see Ashliegh Cummings, who plays Harington’s wife, strap a dog collar on him while he squats naked in a cage.

I’m really looking forward to this film. Here’s the synopsis that came with the trailer.

After a series of strange events lead her to question her family’s isolated life on a fortified compound deep in the English wilds, 10-year-old Willow (Caoilinn Springall) follows her parents on one of their secret late-night treks to the heart of the ancient forest. But upon witnessing her father (Harington) undergo a terrible transformation, she too becomes ensnared by the dark ancestral secret they’ve tried so desperately to conceal.

You probably noticed the film is also populated with another Game of Thrones alum, James Cosmo, who played Commander of the Watchers on the Wall, Jeor Mormont. He warns Willow’s mother that her husband will become a danger to their daughter.

Speaking of poor Willow, whatever her family’s “dark ancestral secret” turns out to be, she appears to be afflicted by it too. We see the youngster peeling off her own fingernails and growing fangs, which is never a good sign.

Indie film company Well Go USA Entertainment dropped the trailer for The Beast Within, which was made by British filmmaker Alexander J. Farrell, a relative newcomer. Not to be confused with the cult horror film also titled The Beast Within from 1982. This new one is premiering at the 2024 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal July 18 through August 4.

Though not all films which premier at festivals come to them with a distribution deal in place, The Beast Within already has one with Well Go. They are giving the film a theatrical release nationwide in the US on July 26th.


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Joseph P Bonadonna

I like Kit. I was not surprised when he married Rose (Ygritte) Leslie; their on-screen chemistry was real. He comes from a pretty impressive family, too. His parents are Sir David Harington, 15th Bt, a businessman and baronet, and former playwright Deborah Jane Catesby. He’s also a descendant of King James I. So Jon Snow got a raw deal in the Game of Thrones finals, lol!

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