Future Treasures: Upon the Flight of the Queen by Howard Andrew Jones

Future Treasures: Upon the Flight of the Queen by Howard Andrew Jones

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In his Black Gate review of For the Killing of Kings, the opening novel in Howard Andrew Jones’ new epic fantasy Ring-Sworn Trilogy, Fletcher Vredenburgh wrote:

For the Killing of Kings is proof that great, modern heroic fantasy is being written. Like Doc Smith’s Lensmen or DC Comics’ Green Lantern Corps, the Altenerai are an elite band of warriors endued with magical talents and dedicated to protecting the land and ensuring justice… Heroes are a too often forgotten commodity in fantasy these days, but not here.

I think Fletcher nailed what I loved so much about this book: it’s packed with heroes you can root for. More than that, it pits those heroes against truly overwhelming odds. The courageous men and women of the Altenerai aren’t just up against a nearly-unbeatable army of their ancient enemy; they also face betrayal from within, mysterious and sinister magic, and a conspiracy whose roots run to the very highest levels of government. To win, they’ll have to emulate the Altenerai legends of old: use bravery, guile, and magic of their own, and — especially — rely on each other. For the Killing of Kings is filled with powerful moments in which untested men and women faced breathtaking odds, and somehow find the strength to become genuine heroes.

But I think the best thing about Howard’s new Ring-Sword Trilogy may be that we don’t have to wait long for the sequel. For the Killing of Kings was released in hardcover by St. Martin’s Press earlier this year; the sequel, Upon the Flight of the Queen, will be in stores in less than two weeks. It’s already getting rave reviews — Publishers Weekly calls it “a heart-racing, action-packed thrill.” Here’s the back covers for both books, and a snippet from the PW review.

[Click the images for King-sized versions.]

For the Killing of Kings-back-small Upon the Flight of the Queen-back-small

Back cover text for For the Killing of Kings and Upon the Flight of the Queen

In Jones’s exhilarating sequel to For the Killing of Kings, the brave warriors of the Altenerai spread out to protect the five Allied Realms from their most dangerous enemies — including some within the realms. They battle brute force and powerful magic with surprises of their own. The vicious Noar have taken over the city of Alantris and are imprisoning its citizens. Altenerai Varama and Rylin, hiding in secret tunnels, strategically chip away at the Noar. Commander N’lahr heads to Alantris, hoping to arrive in time to save the city and its defenders… This powerful epic fantasy is a heart-racing, action-packed thrill.

Read the complete review at Publishers Weekly.

If you’re curious enough to try it out, you can read one of my favorite chapters from For the Killing of Kings at Tor.com.

Upon the Flight of the Queen will be published by St. Martin’s Press on November 19. It is 417 pages, priced at $28.99 in hardcover and $14.99 in digital formats. The cover artist is Lauren Saint-Onge.

See our extensive coverage of Howard’s previous fantasy work right here at Black Gate.

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I wish book 1 had as nice a cover as book 2.

R.K. Robinson

It says “trilogy” right on the cover. But will it really finish up in 3 volumes? Who knows (maybe the author?) if that’s so? I’m now waiting for the fifth, or is it sixth, book in a trilogy by Michael Sullivan…

@Barsoomia: I like that second cover.

Oh, it is going to be three. So many changes are afoot I’d be quite hard placed to cough up any more books out of this setting by the end…

I could conceivably do a prequel, but it would be sent hundreds of years prior, and that idea’s on the back burner anyway.

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