Dear Prudentia: Please Help Me with Questing Etiquette

Dear Prudentia: Please Help Me with Questing Etiquette

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I have unfortunately suffered from a motivational affliction (as you so expertly listed on your recent post). I now find myself needing to bear sword and head off in pursuit of revenge. I’m lucky enough to find myself traveling with a group of experienced warriors, but fear an accidental faux-pas or wearing out their kind welcome. Please help me with some questing etiquette tips.

Unhappy Avenger



I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of some traditional motivation. But I’m very glad to hear of your willingness to make the best of it and, even more excitingly, that you find yourself in the presence of men who can help you accomplish your task! I’m glad you’ve come to me for advice. As you know, I’m quite fond of etiquette, and although I sometimes question young ladies’ initiatives, I also try to lend a hand where I can.

1 – Show Your Curves

This is something only you as a woman can offer your fellow adventurers. Give them something pretty to look at, to refresh their combat-drenched souls.

Show Your Curves-small2 – Nobody Wants to See Your Beauty Marred

It’s important to remember that beauty cannot be overvalued. No one wants to see you scarred or dirty, so make sure to always maintain a high level of beauty. It’s a tough job, but remember, it’s the polite thing to do.

3 – Don’t Be a Temptress

Show just enough skin and beauty, but don’t do so in a tempting manner. It’s impolite to distract them from potential death because you’re craving their heroic attention. Even bashful modestly is possible in a chain mail bikini.

4 – Someone Has to Feed the Team

The men may bring the food back to the campfire, but you should really do your best to clean it and prepare it for them. They, unlike you, were not brought up to undertake such tedious tasks. Show them you care and appreciate them by preparing perfectly cooked and seasoned fish every evening (and then be sure to bathe once more so that you don’t smell of said fish).

5 – Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Tight Stitch

The heroes’ fluttering capes will begin to wear down and someone must mend them. You can keep them all looking as heroic as the day they left their disaster-stricken villages.

6 – Don’t Be Too Hard to Capture

Prudentia Cosplay-smallHeroes sometimes need motivation. A captured maiden is perfect, so don’t make yourself so skilled that you can’t be captured and tied to a cliff once in a while. After all, no one likes a woman who’s so proud that she can’t let herself be caught in the name of male motivation.

7 – Don’t Show Off

Regardless of whether you may be intellectually superior, or more combat-skilled, nobody likes a show off. If your opinion is needed, give it gently and do give credit where credit is due. Did a brother or your father teach you what you know? In the unlikely event that that’s a “no,” then they probably inspired it in some way, or the hero himself did. Qualify your statement appropriately. Modesty, above all else (except for a hot body), attracts the wandering male’s interest.

8 – Let Them Get the Final Blow

Between you and me, male egos are fragile, and that’s why you must endeavour to let them have the final blow, regardless of whether this is your quest for vengeance. Again, it’s not polite to outdo the rest of your questing party in the name of justice and self-satisfaction.

Best of luck, dear Unhappy. May your motivation lead you to find some peace, hopefully in the arms of a strong, heroic warrior.

Yours in spirit,


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Marie Bilodeau was an award-winning science-fiction and fantasy author, as well as a professional performing storyteller. Now she’s been possessed by the spirit of Prudentia, and she’s no longer even thinking this is satire. She thinks it’s great and polite advice. You can still see who Marie used to be at her archived site

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Aonghus Fallon

I would recommend that all young lady warriors take note of Prudentia’s wise words.

I became Lord of the Red Desert and the Lands Beyond through hard graft – that is, I was one of a group of mercenaries hired by the various warring factions within that kingdom to murder their rivals. Needless to say we double-crossed everybody. I then double-crossed my comrades, and the throne was mine! I only mention this because this article brings to mind one of my erstwhile comrades – Hilda was a big, powerfully built red-head from the northern provinces. I suppose it’s very un-PC to say so these days, but I really don’t think she did herself any favours. She might have been a good-looking girl if only she’d washed more often. The fact that she easily beat her (predominantly male) fellow mercenaries in shows of strength and feats of arms meant that she provoked resentment rather adoration. Also, she was a mean drunk. If she had been a bit cleaner in her personal habits and concentrated more on her culinary and sewing abilities – who knows? I might have married her. Memories, memories!

Ageless Falcon,
Ruler in Exile.

Sarah Avery

Adventurous or vengeful young ladies who do not care for stitchery might do well to take to the sea. All sailors need to know how to sew, thereby freeing up the questing maiden for other tasks.

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