The Testament of Tall Eagle Now Available

The Testament of Tall Eagle Now Available

The Testament of Tall Eagle John Fultz-smallTALL EAGLE has arrived.

Last month Black Gate ran an exclusive preview of Chapter 1 from THE TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE from Ragnarok Publications.

The book is now available in PAPERBACK and EBOOK formats.

Here’s what people are saying about it:

“TALL EAGLE is myth-making of epic scope. Fultz has rapidly matured into a major fantasist.”
— Laird Barron, Author of The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All

“Surefooted, mythic, and compelling: Fultz delivers the goods.”
 — Howard Andrew Jones, Author of The Desert of Souls

“An addictively readable blend of adventure fantasy à la Edgar Rice Burroughs and Michael Moorcock and classic western pulp from authors like Max Brand, THE TESTAMENT OF TALL EAGLE takes two tried-and-true categories (adventure fantasy and western fiction) and creates something utterly delectable…seamlessly fuses together elements of fantasy, western, horror, and even a powerful romance.”
— Paul Goat Allen

“Fultz blends swords-and-sorcery fantasy with elements that echo Native American mythology and culture to create a memorable hero-tale. Fans of his Books of the Shaper trilogy will certainly find the same vivid characterizations and thrilling action scenes that marked his debut work, this time in service to a story that intriguingly plays against the traditional faux-European inspirations of so many fantasy writers. The influence of Fultz’s literary hero, Robert E. Howard, is certainly evident in the brawny, frontier ethos of his characters; the harsh, danger-filled setting in which they struggle for life and for love; and the pervasive sense of impending, creeping doom… A thrilling rollercoaster of a read!”  — Mark Smylie, Author of The Barrow and Artesia

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Wild Ape

I’ll pick it up because it sounds good. Since Black Gate posted about Grimdark Magazine I’ve picked up a couple of Ragnarok books and I have to say that their brand name is looking very good to me. I enjoyed the magazine and it led me to a cache of stories that they have as samples of their writers. This book had appeal to me back when you first posted about it but I rarely buy things before their release. I plan to get it. John you should get someone to show what Ragnarok has and what they are about. Their brand is unique and would fit with the tastes many of Black Gate’s readers.

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