Released This Week: Upside Down

Released This Week: Upside Down

Upside Down, the French-Canadian science fiction romance starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess, finally gets a U.S. release this week.

The film is visually gorgeous — just have a look at the trailer below. It also has an intriguing and unique premise (although I had a tough time explaining it to my son Tim, whose high school physics required him to challenge just how separate planetary gravities might work. It’s Hollywood Tim, just go with it). The film does not have anything resembling a wide release, at least not here in Chicago, but it might be well worth tracking it down. Or at least waiting for the DVD.

Upside Down was produced by Millennium Entertainment and released on March 15. The website, with additional trailers, behind-the-scenes info, and photo galleries, is here.

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I agree with your son. I know it’s a metaphor. I know it’s being used to make a socio-economic point, with a great lady and the tramp love story.

But gravity worked about six different ways in that film clip alone, and that’s more than my willing disbelief suspension can support.


A sci fi variation on Romeo and Juliet.

Allen Snyder

The Washington Post review from last weekend:

Two stars out of four; a so-so review in other words.

I will say, another film with questionable physics–although not as questionable–was my favorite movie of last year (based on when I saw it, not when it was released), “Another Earth”, highly recommended. As one wag said about its physics, “Metaphors don’t have gravity.”

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