Fantasy TV Update – Nov. 14

Fantasy TV Update – Nov. 14

Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin takes the place of the fairy godmother, by making a deal with Cinderella (Jessy Schram).

Miss some network fantasy over the last week? We’ve got you covered:

Once Upon a Time – “The Price of Gold”

The fairy tales diverge more and more from the traditional ones, as we learn the backstory of Cinderella. Just as her fairy godmother is about to help change her life, she is instead incinerated in a burst of flame … by Rumplestiltskin, who steals her magic wand. Cinderella, he says, is better off without magic anyway. But, of course, if she really wants to change her life, he’ll be willing to help out. For a price.

The “reality” tale is based around Ashley, a pregnant teenager who has agreed to put her child up for adoption, using Mr. Gold as the person handling the adoption. This brings up a lot of guilty baggage for Emma, in relation to her own decision to give up Henry all those years ago.

There’s definitely a rise in the stakes on this one, as the episode ends with Emma making a deal with Mr. Gold so that Ashley can keep her baby. Emma now owes him a favor, which is the same sort of vague deal that Cinderella originally made in the first place.

Full episodes of Once Upon a Time can be found on their official ABC show page and also on

Supernatural – “Season 7, Time for a Wedding!”

During their annual trip to Vegas, the boys split up so that Sam can commune with himself. Unfortunately, he ends up falling in love with their #1 superfan, Becky.

For those who missed this part of the series, there was once a prophet of God, named Chuck Shurley, who had visions of the boys and their adventures. His method of chronicling their activities was through a series of moderately-selling horror novels, which established a modest (though dedicated) fan base. The most dedicated fan was Becky Rosen.

Make that, Becky Rosen-Winchester. It seems that Becky’s dream has come true, as she and Sam get married.

And therein lies the problem, because people throughout Becky’s hometown are having their dreams come true … and then dying a brutal death shortly thereafter. With Sam’s head out of the game due to the love potion roofie that Becky’s been giving him, Dean has to take on a new, inexperienced partner (the freakishly scrawny D.J. Qualls) to help him work the case.

Full episodes of Supernatural are available (lagging about a week behind broadcast) on their official CW show page.

Grimm – “Beeware”

The episode begins (as, I suspect, will become a common theme) with a mysterious death. A woman dies in the middle of a flash mob, and it appears that she’s been stung to death. The problem is that the amount of bee toxin in her body is way more than could be produced by an ordinary bee. Nick investigates, leading him to a curious breed of creature, the Mellifer, which are giant bee-people. They’ve been killing Hexenbiests … and it turns out that their next victim is a lawyer who turns out to be the very same Hexenbiest who tried to kill Nick’s mom at the end of the pilot. For some reason, despite making a threat against her, he does seem interested in protecting her.

The relationship between Nick and Eddie needs to develop if it’s going to stay interesting. Nick just demands that Eddie shows up, he does so, helps him sniff out something, and that’s the end of it. There’s no reference to the previous episode, where Eddie ripped a guy’s arm off. Listen up, NBC:  Eddie is the key to your show’s success. Nurture this character, or the show will not last.

Full episodes of Grimm are available on the official NBC show page and also on

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I have considered before in watching Once Upon a Time; I’m not really sure I want to anymore though. :/

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