Kicking Off Howard Andrew Jones Month

Kicking Off Howard Andrew Jones Month

desertofsoulsIt’s the start of Howard Andrew Jones Month here at the Black Gate blog.

You have to do something pretty special to get a whole month, even if you’re Managing Editor of Black Gate. But publishing your first two novels — The Desert of Souls and  Plague of Shadows — from two different publishers, not to mention writing an essay for John Scalzi’s “Big Idea,” holding your first book signing, conducting a sweepstakes, getting picked up by the Science Fiction Book Club, publishing an original online story, being the subject of a multi-part interview, writing the Afterword for Robert E. Howard’s Sword Woman, appearing in Black Gate 15 (twice), being a guest blogger, and writing regular columns here at Black Gate, all in the same month… yeah. That will do it.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be telling you more about the incredible Howard Andrew Jones, starting with the breathless reviews for his first novel The Desert of Souls, a classic Arabian Nights fantasy and “a page-turner in its purest form” (BookPage), on sale Feb 15. It’s the best novel I’ve read in many years, and you’re not going to want to miss it.

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Jeff Stehman

This is a great cover.

Scott Taylor

Howard is great, and he really deserves all the success in the world.

Jackson Kuhl

Oh, sure. February is the shortest month. Racist.

John R. Fultz

Go, Howard, Go! It’s a great day for Adventure…

I was lucky to get a great cover — thanks, John, for pointing readers to the web site of the talented Mr. Keegan.

And thank all of you for the interest and support. I’m just one of many who owe John a debt of gratitude for giving us this hearthfire to gather around.

C.S.E. Cooney

It looks so beautiful and the beginning was so GREAT and I can’t WAIT to read the rest! Congratulations!!!

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