World Fantasy Convention

World Fantasy Convention

I’ve  got a number of topics I’d love to post on, but they all require a bonafide essay, and I’ve been too slammed with editing and class prep work to devote any time to them. I’m stealing time right now for this short post, as a matter of fact.

World Fantasy Convention time is fast approaching. John O’Neill and I will be there manning the Black Gate booth, attending various panels, and mingling with the writers, editors, publishers, and artists, although the convention organizers insisted we leave the undead minions behind this time after that incident in the cafeteria last year. 

If you’re planning to attend, we hope you’ll drop by and visit our booth.

The convention is being held in Saratoga Springs New York from November 1-November 4. More details can be found by following this link.

I’m apt to be away from the blog for another week or so, but more regular updates will return soon.

Warm Regards,

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