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Try To Get Her, a Dystopian Romantic Comedy

Try To Get Her, a Dystopian Romantic Comedy

Elric by Bernie Mireault-small2

Art for Michael Moorcock’s The Dreamthief’s Daughter
by Bernie Mireault (Black Gate 1)

Hello, Black Gate community! I’m Bernie Mireault and I was one of the many illustrators who contributed to Black Gate back when it was a printed magazine as well as a website.

While I love illustrating prose stories, my main interest is in comic art and my most recent work is a graphic novel titled To Get Her, featuring Gordie and Janet, the main characters from my old comic book series, The Jam. The book was self-published with the aid of a Xeric grant in 2012 and 810 copies were printed. A little over 400 copies remain, and John O’Neill has graciously offered to let me post a sales pitch for it here.

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