The Complete Version of John C. Hocking’s Conan: Black Starlight is Now Available

The Complete Version of John C. Hocking’s Conan: Black Starlight is Now Available

Conan: Black Starlight (Titan Books, October 17, 2023)

The name John C. Hocking is well known to long-time Black Gate readers. He published several terrific stories in the print version of the magazine, including two tales in his Brand the Viking series, and the opening stories in his popular Archivist series, “A River Through Darkness and Light” and “Vestments of Pestilence,” which was continued in Skelos and Weirdbook. He’s also launched a brand new series, the King’s Blade tales, in Tales From the Magician’s Skull, edited by Howard Andrew Jones.

I was delighted to see that John had been commissioned to write a serialized novella for Marvel’s high-profile relaunch of Conan The Barbarian in 2019. Conan: Black Starlight was published in installments in the first twelve issues of the comic, and now the entire story has been collected by Titan in a single handsome volume.

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Marvel’s Conan The Barbarian (2019) serialized “Black Starlight” across the first twelve issues

I asked John for some additional detail on how the novella fit in with the Savage Tales Short Fiction line and his own Conan tales, and he was generous enough to reply in detail.

I wrote a novella about Robert E. Howard’s Conan that was serialized over the course of a year’s worth of Marvel’s Conan the Barbarian comic back in 2019. Up until today nobody could read the whole thing unless they had all 12 of those issues.

But now my novella, Black Starlight, has landed in e-book form

This is the latest in a new chain of Robert E. Howard pastiche, fresh monthly short fiction featuring a variety of REH’s characters. It follows last month’s release of Conan – Lord of the Mount by Stephen Graham Jones and precedes the November 28th release of Jonathan Maberry’s Solomon Kane: The Hound of God. (I honestly can’t help but look forward to a Solomon Kane story by the current editor of Weird Tales.)

Jonathan Maberry’s Solomon Kane: The Hound of God will be available in Kindle format on November 28, 2023.

Conan and the Emerald Lotus by John C. Hocking (Tor 1995 and 1999). Covers by Ciruelo Cabral and Ken Kelly

Black Starlight follows the events of John’s highly regarded 1995 novel, Conan and the Emerald Lotus.

Here’s John again.

Black Starlight is a stand-alone adventure, but the action follows the events of my novel, Conan and the Emerald Lotus. I did my best to load the novella up with as much old school Weird Tales flavor as possible. You have your creepy supernatural horror, Lovecraftian elements both quiet and in-your-face, a diabolical villain who gives the Cimmerian a notably hard time, brutal battle action, and plenty of nods to REH’s original tales.

I’m writing this surrounded by shelves packed with paperback books, so it’s my hope that Black Starlight eventually finds its way into an old-fashioned printed book, but I’m very pleased to see it finally available as a complete story in a format that might reach a wider audience.

If you check it out, I’d be honored if you took the time to tell me what you thought of it.

Our previous coverage of John C. Hocking includes:

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John’s long-anticipated next Conan book, Conan in the City of the Dead, will be published by Titan Books on June 18, 2024.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the Kindle version of Black Starlight for just $1.99 here.

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i had just posted about this and the once a month conan releases from Titan books on my facebook so good to see it here. i am glad that titan is doing such a better job of publishing all sorts of conan stuff then marvel did when they were publishing things.


“Black Starlight” was the best thing about Marvel’s relaunch of Conan, which became progressively worse as the character became increasingly treated like a superhero, even being teamed with Wolverine in some awful miniseries. The worst handling of Conan in comics in several decades. Fortunately Marvel’s relaunch is preceded by Dark Horse’s excellent run and followed by Titan’s so-far-so-good comic.


I respectfully disagree. I really enjoyed Marvel’s Savage Avengers. I thought it was fun to see Conan used in the same way as many other iconic fictional characters, such as Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Frankenstein, Dracula, etc.. It proves that Conan my finally getting the respect Conan deserves by seeing him in mainstream.
Also the latest Marvel Conan the Barbarian did start pretty strong, and the King Conan run was excellent.
I do agree that the Savage Sword of Conan went downhill fast.


Thanks for the notice. Ordered.


Currently reading it, only 4 more chapters to go and I think this is my favourite Conan pastiche yet. Reminds me of Roy Thomas Conan at its best, colorful characters and horror flavour.

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