Ancient Astronauts, the Thing in the Pond, and the Cobweb Queen: The Weirdbook Annual #2: Cthulhu

Ancient Astronauts, the Thing in the Pond, and the Cobweb Queen: The Weirdbook Annual #2: Cthulhu

Weirdbook Annual 2 Cthulhu-smallWeirdbook‘s editor Doug Draa explains the rationale behind the magazine’s new line of Annuals in his editorial this issue.

We here at Weirdbook decided to do a yearly themed fifth issue. An annual if you will.

Last year’s theme was “Witches” and it turned out to be one of our most popular issues to date. After much soul searching it was decided that this year’s theme would be the ever popular “Cthulhu Mythos”… even after more than 9 decades, Mr. Lovecraft’s literary universe still continues to fire the imaginations of both writers and readers alike. It’s not an overstatement to say that Mr. Lovecraft’s fans and those of his Mythos are truly legion and beyond numbering.

I think that you, the reader will find this a highly enjoyable issue full of eldritch, unspeakable, and nameless horrors. I decided that this issue should contain stories by the finest of Weirdbook‘s regular contributors. This list includes such luminaries as Lucy A. Snyder, Ann K. Schwader, Leanna Falconer, Cynthia Ward, Darrell Schweitzer, Adrian Cole, and John R. Fultz to name just a few. I’m also very proud to have a brand new story from Mr. Robert M. Price which marks his very first appearance in this incarnation of Weirdbook! I can honestly call this Weirdbook‘s very first All Star Issue!

That’s an impressive list of contributors, and it includes at least two names well known to our readers: John R. Fultz, who published four stories in Black Gate, and Darrell Schweitzer, who appeared in BG 3 and BG 15.

Here’s the complete Table of Contents for the Weirdbook Annual #2: Cthulhu.

Short Stories

“The Shining Trapezohedron,” by Robert M. Price
“A Noble Endeavor,” by Lucy A. Snyder
“Ancient Astronauts,” by Cynthia Ward
“The Thing in the Pond,” by John R. Fultz

“Enter The Cobweb Queen,” by Adrian Cole
“Tricks No Treats,” by Paul Dale Anderson
“Ronnie and the River,” by Christian Riley
“Cellar Dweller,” by Franklyn Searight
“Yellow Labeled VHS Tape,” by R.C. Mulhare
“Tuama,” by L.F. Falconer
“Mercy Holds No Measure,” by Kenneth Bykerk
“Treacherous Memory,” by Glynn Owen Barrass
“The Hutchison Boy,” by Darrell Schweitzer


Dolmen of The Moon, by Deuce Richardson
Lovecraftian Limerick, by Andrew J. Wilson
A Wizard’s Daughter, by Ann K. Schwader
The Shadow of Azathoth is your Galaxy, by DB Spitzer
Ascend , by Mark A. Mihalko
The Solace of the Farther Moon, by Allan Rozinski
The Stars Are Always Right, by Charles Lovecraft
Daemonic Nathicana, by K.A. Opperman
Asenath, by Ashley Dioses
The Book of Eibon/Le Livre D’eibon, trans. by Frederick J. Mayer

You can sample excerpts from the short stories John Fultz has published in Black Gate, including “Oblivion Is the Sweetest Wine” (BG 12), “Return of the Quill” (BG 13), and read the complete tale of the travelling Glimmer Faire, “When the Glimmer Faire Came to the City of the Lonely Eye.” Read our complete coverage of Darrell Schweitzer’s recent work here.

Weirdbook Annual #2: Cthulhu was published by Wildside Press on February 14, 2019. It is 147 pages, priced at $13. The cover is uncredited.

Weirdbook 38-small Weirdbook 39-small Weirdbook 40-small

Weirdbook is published by Wildside Press, and edited by Douglas Draa. Issues are 250+ pages, and priced at $12 for print editions, and $3.99 for the digital version. You can buy individual issues at and Wildside Press, and subscriptions are available here:

We last covered Weirdbook with issues #38 – 40. The magazine’s website is here. See all of our Weirdbook coverage here, and all of our recent fantasy magazine coverage here.

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While the Weirdbook annuals are out as ebooks the current issue of Weirdbook – #40 is not available as an ebook.

I’ve switched my fiction reading to ebooks mainly for the convenience.

If they aren’t going to make new issues as ebooks I wish they would say so. Save me from checking.


Thanks John


I’ve informed the publisher that there isn’t a Kindle edition up at Amazon. But I checked and saw that he has E-editions up at the Wildside Press Home Page…..

I hope that this helps.



I see that issue 40 is now available for the Kindle. I have just purchased it.

Thanks John and Doug

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