Joe Bonadonna Reports on Weird Tales

Joe Bonadonna Reports on Weird Tales

Weird Tales 360 back cover-smallBack in May I wrote a brief post asking “Is Weird Tales Dead… Again?

Since then there’s been no shortage of rumors, grumblings, and premature death announcements… but not a lot of facts. But this week, Black Gate roving reporter Joe Bonadonna checks in with the latest news.

In spite some talk concerning the possible demise of Weird Tales, I’m happy to report that it is still alive and well. I spoke with editor Marvin Kaye and he told me plans are in the works for the future. They had some financial issues, but all is well. The publisher plans to do an “unthemed” issue, followed by a “Halloween Edition” before all else.

I am hoping that the planned “Sword and Sorcery Special Edition” will follow after that. I was not given any specific timeline for the publication of these issues, but let’s hope they’ll all see the light of day within a short amount of time, without too much time-lag between issues. I keep checking Weird Tales websites for updates, but so far haven’t been able to learn anything. Let’s all hope for the best, and I’ll try to keep you all in the loop when and if I learn anything more.

As for new submissions, they are overstocked with fiction. No need to submit. That is all.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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Joe Bonadonna

My honest, personal feelings . . . they are going to go under.

Rich Horton

So, then, not exactly “alive and well”, but at least arguably “alive”?

John R. Fultz

I hate to be a pessimist, but Marvin (God Bless Him!) has been saying that for YEARS. The truth is that WT is defunct. I believe Marvin had and has the best intentions–but not the resources to back up his dreams for the mag. So if you’re waiting for WT to come back–DO NOT hold your breath. It’s the same thing we’ve been hearing for years.

James McGlothlin

Does anyone know about the kerfuffle a couple of years back when Anne Vandermeer left Weird Tales? My understanding was that there was some issue (more than artistic differences) that really put a bad light upon the powers that be who ran WT (I don’t know if that was this Marvin or not). Is there some shadow still hanging out WT from that incident?

John R. Fultz

Just wanted to add: I hope Marvin proves me wrong.

Bob Byrne

I’d find it odd if Weird Tales isn’t feasible, but Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine (which Marvin publishes) can sustain itself.

Sarah Avery

Maybe the best scenario would be for someone who loves the pulp tradition and has some money to offer to take WT off Marvin’s hands. It might be a relief. Imagine being the holder of that amazing legacy and wondering, Will it be on my watch that Weird Tales dies?

John R. Fultz

This reminds me of the old saying:

“How do you make a small fortune in publishing?” Start with a large fortune.”


@Bob Byrne,

Marvin only edits the Holmes magazine.

John Betancourt(Wildside Press) is the publisher.

SMM also has a much smaller operating budget than WTs.



Sarah Avery

John, I’m enjoying imagining the incarnation of Weird Tales you’re helming in some alternate universe. I know it can’t and shouldn’t happen in this one, but over in that otherwhen, you’re doing a great job.

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