Fantasy Scroll Magazine 8 Now Available

Fantasy Scroll Magazine 8 Now Available

Fantasy Scroll Magazine Issue 8-smallThe eighth issue of the online-only Fantasy Scroll Magazine, cover dated August 2015, is now available.

There’s lots of news from Fantasy Scroll this month — starting with their big Year One anthology, Dragons, Droids and Doom, which contains every story from their first year, including tales by Ken Liu, Piers Anthony, Rachel Pollack, Hank Quense, William Meikle, Cat Rambo, and Mike Resnick. It is edited by Iulian Ionescu and Frederick Doot, and will be available in trade paperback and digital format in November.

In his editorial, Iulian Ionescu provides his usual sneak peek of the contents of issue #8. Here’s a snippet:

Here we come to the rescue with another packed issue, filled with monsters, aliens, knights, spaceships, and dragons. We start strong with Tony Peak’s “The Light Comes,” a story of struggle in a world where a strange disease takes lives regardless of age. This is Tony’s second appearance in FSM and we’re really glad to see him back.

“Minor Disasters” by Elise R. Hopkins reminds us of the fragile world we live in and how everything can turn to dust in the blink of an eye. Kate O’Connor’s “White Horse” is next, following the life of a soldier and his encounters with a magical white steed.

Next is “ReMemories” by Nancy Waldman, a moving story about a future where humankind can record, store, and manipulate the mind’s memories. Alexander Volkmar’s story, “Gunman on the Wall” reminds us of the constant need to believe that things are better on the other side.

Here’s the complete table of contents.


The Light Comes” by TONY PEAK
Minor Disasters” by ELISE R. HOPKINS
White Horse” by KATE O’CONNOR
ReMemories” by NANCY S.M. WALDMAN
The Gunman on the Wall by ALEKSANDER VOLKMAR
The Magister’s Clock” by SIMON KEWIN
From Mutsumi” by KJ KABZA
Making Ends Meet” by JAROD K. ANDERSON
Haze” by K.S. DEARSLEY
For the Heart I Never Had” by RALUCA BALASA
Graphic Story: Shamrock – Part 3 – Fury Uncaged written by JOSH BROWN, art by ALBERTO HERNANDEZ


Interview with Author Martin Millar
Interview with Author Fran Wilde
Artist Spotlight: Chris Drysdale
Science Corner: A Whirlwind Tour of the Human Genome
Book Review: The Goddess of Buttercups and Daisies (by Martin Millar)
Movie Review: Time Lapse (Bradley King)

See the complete contents of the issue here.

Fantasy Scroll Magazine is edited by Iulian Ionescu, Frederick Doot, and Alexandra Zamorski, and published bi-monthly in Mobi, epub, and PDF format; issues are also for sale through Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Kobo, Weightless Books, and Google. Individual issues are $2.99, a 4-issue subscription is only $9.99. Learn more at their website. The cover this issue is “Industrial Sprint” by Chris Drysdale.

We last covered the magazine with issue 7.

Our mid-August Fantasy Magazine Rack is here. See all of our recent fantasy magazine coverage here.

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