Future Treasures: Bonesy by Mark Rigney

Future Treasures: Bonesy by Mark Rigney

Bonesy Mark Rigney

Mark Rigney’s Renner & Quist novels — The Skates, Sleeping Bear, and Check-Out Time — feature the unlikely team of Unitarian Reverend Renner and retired investigator Dale Quist, who solve thorny and twisted occult mysteries. The first three novels have been widely praised. As William Patrick Maynard wrote in his review of Check-Out Time:

Rigney builds his fiction around his characters’ faith (or their lack thereof) in the supernatural and preternatural. The series is thought-provoking as much as it is entertaining…

Funny, moving, enlightening, entertaining – Mark Rigney’s Renner & Quist series is in a class of its own. The recommendations come no stronger. Do not pass this up.

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The fourth novel in the series, Bonesy, will be released Sept. 1, 2015. Here’s the book description:

Bones on the run!

When Reverend Renner’s mentor gives him a brass rubbing of a skeleton, nick-named Bonesy, a chain of calamity ensues. Bonesy breaks free from its frame and begins a violent, chaotic search for –– what? It’s up to Renner and his investigative partner, ex-linebacker Dale Quist, to uncover Bonesy’s spectral motives. Bonesy takes Renner & Quist on their most treacherous, rollicking supernatural adventure yet, a journey that will lead them from the ghost of Carole Lombard to the fens of Tudor England. And the books they find along the way are not the sort you can judge by their cover.

Mark Rigney is a blogger for Black Gate (his last articles for us were “Adventures In Cards: Munchkin!” and “Adventures In Shape-Shifting: Robert Stallman’s The Orphan“), and he authored three of the most consistently popular stories in the Black Gate Online Fiction library, the Tales of Gemen:

The Trade
The Find
The Keystone

Tangent Online called the stories:

Reminiscent of the old sword & sorcery classics… once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I highly recommend the complete trilogy.

Mark’s fiction is fast paced, entertaining, and filled with constant surprises. He’s a fast-rising star in modern sword & sorcery, and urban dark fantasy. Do yourself a favor and check out his latest novel.

Bonesy will be published by Samhain Publishing on September 1, 2015. It is 296 pages, priced at $6.50 for the digital edition. Read more at Mark’s website, markrigney.net.

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