Goth Chick News: Comics Collector as Movie Hero; Or A Valentine From My Favorite Indy Film Crew

Goth Chick News: Comics Collector as Movie Hero; Or A Valentine From My Favorite Indy Film Crew

As you well know, we here at Goth Chick News are mad supporters of the independent film industry.  This is mainly because we’re obsessed with anyone who has the courage and determination to pursue their passion and are willing to let us watch.

That and I’m a sucker for brooding artistic boys…

And no one epitomizes these traits better than my friends at Pirate Pictures, who gave us a peek into the world of real movie magic by allowing us to ride along with their production of Shadowland.  Now, Shadowland star Jason Contini and director Wyatt Weed have teamed up on a new project that isn’t exactly a typical GCN subject matter, but does involve a topic that is near and dear to most Black Gate fans… comics.

Four Color Eulogy is a drama/comedy revolving around the world of comic books and self-publishing. But rather that tell you any more, take a gander at this clip that not only explains the movie, but some of the process of getting a concept from script to big screen.

“The Crew” (L to R) Wyatt Weed, Nicholas J. Hearne, Gayle Gallagher, Robert Clark, Jason Contini
“The Crew” (L to R) Wyatt Weed, Nicholas J. Hearne, Gayle Gallagher, Robert Clark, Jason Contini

You just have to love anyone as passionate about comic books as Nick.

As you heard, like many in the indy film world, the creative minds behind the movie have also gotten creative with funding their venture.  As Jason explains:

But it’s not just a film about comic book collectors.  It is an opportunity for comic book collectors and indie film lovers to actually get involved and be a part of the next great indie geek-centric movie.

Currently we are running a fundraising campaign online where you have the opportunity to be a part of the film.  We are giving out a plethora of incentives to those that donate and take part in the filmmaking process.

Four Color Eulogy is in the early stages of casting, location scouting and pre-production, and the gents have once again agreed to keep us in the loop.  We’ll be interviewing Jason and Wyatt in an upcoming post, so if you’re an aspiring filmmaker (and I know we have a bunch out there), post a question or send an email to and we’ll put it to the experts.

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Scott Taylor

‘I’m a sucker for brooding artistic boys’? Yes! 🙂

Wild Ape

One thing I like about the indies is that they don’t have the predictable formulaic scripts (read boring). Hollywood rarely picks up something that appeals to a small demographic audience because they are too afraid to try something new so they stick to the proven. Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead are two prime examples of success stories that took Hollywood by surprise because they didn’t fit the mold. Four Color Eulogy shows a lot of promise for comic fans. I’ll have to light up my Ape “Bat Signal” and give a blast on the battle horn to my comic book buddies (read Twitter and Facebook). Thanks for the heads up Gothie!

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Wild Ape

The “bat signal” is the alert given to my loyal minions and lieutenants to gather for important duties or battle. If you have a Twitter account I’d be happy to add you to our alert system. We have a soft spot for hurricane victims, homeless animals, noble charity drives, veterans, comic books, heroic fiction, etc. and an intolerance for lame politicians (of any political stripe), academic wingnuts, slackers, village idiots (not the mentally handicapped–the ones that choose to be stupid), trolls,–and above all–no wusses. If you can fit into that, then you would be welcome. Most of the group are alpha males (and one or two non squishy betas) but the women are high caliber pioneer-can-take-the-arrows variety. You’d fit right in.

The only thing expected of you is that support the members now and then with causes you find worthy of your time and at least listen to what they have to say. Most would applaud that you stand up for artists like the ones you mention in your post.

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