James Enge’s Wrath-Bearing Tree Coming in August

James Enge’s Wrath-Bearing Tree Coming in August

Wrath Bearing TreeWoo hoo! Our Bothan spies report that the second novel in James Enge’s epic new fantasy trilogy, A Tournament of Shadows, will be released by Pyr on August 13, 2013.

Many Bothans died to bring us this information. But lordy, it was worth it.

The book continues the origin story of Morlock Ambrosius, which began in A Guile of Dragons (Pyr, August 2012). Have I ever mentioned that Morlock’s first appearance was in Black Gate 8, in James Enge’s first published work of fiction, “Turn Up This Crooked Way?” True story. Morlock was in virtually every issue of Black Gate for the next five years. Morlock and Black Gate, best buds. I could tell you some stories.

Of course, he’s a big shot now. The first Morlock novel, Blood of Ambrose, was nominated for the World Fantasy Award; after that came his rapid ascent to fame and a decadent west-coast lifestyle, and he stopped taking our calls. We still get Christmas cards, with a sloppy signature forged by his agent. We treasure them.

Into the Unguarded Lands . . .

The masked powers of Fate and Chaos are killing gods in the land of Kaen, facing the Wardlands across the Narrow Sea. Vocates Aloe Oaij and Morlock Ambrosius go into the Unguarded Lands, on a mission to find the reasons for the godslaying, and to avert any threat to the lands the Graith of Guardians has sworn to protect.

After crash-landing on the hostile coast of Kaen, they will face vengeful frightened gods, a calmly murderous dragon, a demon called Andhrakhar, and a bitter old necromancer named Merlin Ambrosius.

Amid these dangers they will find that they can trust no one but themselves — and each other.

“A calmly murderous dragon.” Doesn’t that sound like a Morlock story? He’s so cool. Can’t wait.

Wrath-Bearing Tree will be published by Pyr Books on August 2013. It is 320 pages in trade paperback, priced at $18.00; $11.99 for the digital edition. Cover art by Steve Stone. See more details at the Pyr website.

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John R. Fultz

“Wrath-Bearing Tree” has to be the best title of the year. LOVE IT.

Matthew Wuertz

That sounds like a great plot. I’m so excited to read this! It looks like my collection of Pyr books will continue to grow…


I am so pumped about this book! Why are they on a one a year schedule! John can’t you do something about this!

Bill Ward

The first book of the new trilogy was fantastic, Enge gets better and better and he was already really darn good to start with.

James McGlothlin

Come on guys. You’ve never heard of a tree that receives abuse that is deserved by others? What sort of weird agricultural rules do you guys live by in your neck of the woods? Sheesh!

On a serious note, thanks John for the Amazon heads-up. Just placed my pre-order.

Matthew Wuertz

>What other Pyr Books are you reading?

I’m not actively reading any Pyr titles at the moment.

I read all of the other Enge books and “The Prodigal Troll” by Charles Coleman Finlay.

So I guess I haven’t really strayed too far from Black Gate with their books…

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