A Return to The Village of Hommlet (4E Style)

A Return to The Village of Hommlet (4E Style)

hommlet4eHow cool is this? Wizards of the Coast has released an updated version of Gary Gygax’s 1979 classic The Village of Hommlet, one of the most celebrated AD&D adventures and the first part of the notoriously difficult Temple of Elemental Evil mega-campaign, revised to run in the 4th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons. The new version was updated by Andy Collins and is suitable for fourth level characters.

Oh, wait. “Released” is too strong a word. The module was actually a free giveaway WotC mailed to RPGA  members as a DM Reward, and is not available for sale (unless you count eBay, where copies are currently selling for around $50.) Curses!

If you’re the creative sort, Familiar Ground is offering a free copy for one lucky winner, selected randomly from all those who leave a comment with a “gaming or RPG related joke or funny incident.” Deadline is Aug 31.

The original module is still played today by die-hard fans.  It’s been converted to a popular computer game, and the back-story behind it all is annually re-enacted as a tabletop miniatures game at Garycon.  Not bad for a module that’s been out of print for over two decades.

I have fond memories of the original.  And when I’m 80, I hope to have fond memories of tracking down this one.  Let the search begin.

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Tom Doolan

I feel like a bad D&D geek in that I have never played the original, or any “updated” version of this. But this does beg the question from me: When will they come up with a 4E version of “Keep on the Borderlands”? That wad D&D basic training in my house.


also pathfinder’s new adventure scenario “Kingmaker” is very similar to keep on the boarderlands. i realize that it doesn’t have the nostalgia factor. Just something to think about


As a longtime gamer, do you play 4E? I have to ask because although it’s ‘cool’ of WOTC, I can’t see you really needing this module in your collection.
However, speaking on Keep on the Borderlands, I did get Wil Wheaton to sign my tattered copy of that classic at GenCon this year! Yes, true awesome geekness!


I DM’d The Village of Hommlet a long, long time ago. Wow. Nostalgia is great, isn’t it?


Is Wil Wheaton a gamer? Gads, John, you are old *wink*. When I handed him the module he got this huge smile and yelled, ‘Awesome’, then went about flipping pages until he found Bill Willingham’s picture of the minotaur from the Caves of Chaos and said, ‘There! That tough bastard has killed me more times than I’d like to count!’

Oh, and I did take you for a 1st edition purist, and you know, that is a great thing in my opinion, so 4E would do you no favors.

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Raging Swan Press has published Shadowed Keep on the Borderlands for Pathinder. The boss there stated that the moathouse from The Village of Hommlet was the inspiration for the module.

It’s a pretty neat throwback.


ece units…

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