PDF Versions of BLACK GATE now available!

PDF Versions of BLACK GATE now available!

Black Gate is now selling downloadable PDF versions of the magazine for just $4.95 each. The PDFs contain the complete magazine – all 224 pages, plus the color cover – and require a free PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat. PDF subscriptions are also available: any 4 issues for $19.95, and any 8 for $34.95.

Already have a subscription? We’ll sell you a PDF for $2.95 – or just $9.95 for all four issues.

Order your PDF using our regular subscription form, and we’ll send you a unique link to download the complete magazine at your leisure.

A PDF version of Black Gate 13 is already available, and our minions are hard at work converting all our back issues to bring you the entire Black Gate library.

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How about providing it in proper e-book format for those of us with e-book readers? This wouldn’t have to be a lot of work, since you already provide html excerpts from most of the stories on the web-site. It is a simple mouseclick to convert html to the e-book formats and the reading experience is much better too than with a pdf.

Feel free to mail me if you need help or advice on this. Or if you merely want to tell me to mind my own business 🙂

John has my e-mail.


Peadar Ó Guilín

John ONeill

Hey Peadar,

We’re still getting the hang of PDF… and now you want us to do eReaders too? 🙂

Seriously, which ones do you have in mind? And are the formats proprietary? The layout and art for BG are an important part of the magazine (and takes weeks to do correctly) – I’d hate to have to convert the mag into something that didn’t preserve most of the integrity of the design.

– John

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