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Rich Horton’s Virtual Best of the Year — 2007

Sunday, April 27th, 2008 | Posted by Web Master

This is it, the list you’ve been waiting for. Rich Horton’s picks for the best science fiction, fantasy, and space opera stories of the year is always a Black Gate reader’s favorite, and this time he’s truly outdone himself. Rich pored over 2343 stories — that’s over twelve million words — and from that massive mountain of tales chose the very best of the bunch for your edification. The result? A resource that you can use to acquire and read all of the very top novellas, novelettes, and short stories that were published in the field during the last year.

So whenever you start running low on reading material during 2008, pop back over here and take a gander at The List. Our resident reviewing superstar has put in all of the hard work so you won’t have to.


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