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Charlene Brusso Reviews Magic on the Line

Charlene Brusso Reviews Magic on the Line

magiconthelineMagic on the Line
Devon Monk
Roc ($7.99, 356p)
Reviewed by Charlene Brusso

When most folks think of settings for urban fantasy, chances are Portland, Oregon doesn’t appear very high on the list–but a dip into this gritty paranormal series will definitely change your opinion. Monk’s Portland is rife with rain and muddled with magic–magic that comes at a painful price. Cast a spell, get a headache–or worse.

There’s also an organization called the Authority, highly secret, incredibly powerful, which has set itself up to police the use of magic. Unfortunately the Authority branch in Portland is currently run by Bartholomew Wray, an ambitious power monger who wants to clean up what he sees as a city of mages out of control.

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