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Author: Howie Bentley

Sword and Sorcery Music

Sword and Sorcery Music

bghowie3Across a misty battlefield, a dim, imposing figure stalks into view.  Blood  rolls off of his massive battle-axe, and his hair and face are caked with the crimson wound-dew. He threw his helmet away hours ago.  His armor is dented.  Blood drips from his wounds as he wades through his fallen enemies like a steel juggernaut, mowing them down like wheat before a scythe.

At last, after months of marching his troops across the wastelands, living like an animal and enduring weather conditions that would kill a civilized man, he comes face to face with his most hated enemy.  He throws away his axe and draws his sword.

Two men standing on a battlefield, eyeing each other through a mist of red.  One of them will shove cold steel through the other one’s guts, and decapitate him, holding up his enemy’s head, to show to his gods, or anyone fortunate enough to be left standing.  Smouldering blue eyes shining with battle-madness burn in his scarred face, as it is suddenly split by a rictus grin.”

bggodA blood-curdling war-cry comes screaming out of the speakers!

Now, there are all kinds of music, for all kinds of people, moods, and situations. But to my mind, there is only one kind of music to host a scene like I just described, and that is heavy metal.

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