New Treasures: Graphic Classics Volume 26: Vampire Classics

New Treasures: Graphic Classics Volume 26: Vampire Classics

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I’ve been a huge fan of Tom Pomplun’s Graphic Classics comic anthologies for years, ever since I received a copy of the first one, Volume 1: Edgar Allan Poe, in 2001 (back when they were Rosebud Graphic Classics, a spin-off of Rosebud magazine). Some of my favorites are Volume 4: H. P. Lovecraft, Volume 14: Gothic Classics, and Volume 23: Halloween Classics (back cover here). But I hadn’t seen a new release in over three years, ever since Volume 25: Canine Feline Classics back in 2014. So imagine my surprise when I accidentally stumbled on a copy of Graphic Classics Volume 26: Vampire Classics, which snuck into bookstores on June 28. Here’s the description.

Vampire Classics features a unique adaptation of the 1922 silent film, Nosferatu. Plus a horror-western by “Conan” creator Robert E. Howard and Ray Bradbury’s “The Man Upstairs.” With “The Strange Orchid” by H.G. Wells, “Olalla” by Robert Louis Stevenson, and a short story by famed horror writer and co-editor Mort Castle.

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Graphic Classics Volume 26: Vampire Classics was published by Eureka Productions on June 28, 2017. It is 144 pages, priced at $19.95. See all our recent Comics coverage here.

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When I saw the cover to Volume 26 had high hopes they were adapting Camilla by Sheridan LeFanu. I also was surprised the company was still alive. I only have two editions-Volumes 12-13 featuring Rafael Sabatini whose novels and stories I collect. Captain Blood gets reread on a regular basis every four years or so and the two sequels a little less often. It is good that there is more diverse comics material out there besides suoer- heroes (which I do adore especially the Avengers).


Volume 10 has Clark Ashton Smith’s “Beast of Averoigne”

Suggest a search for “used and new” at Amazon

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